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About Jet2

Established in 2003, is now the UK's third-largest registered airline. It operates alongside Jet2 Holidays, which is the country's second-largest tour operator. Its other brands include Jet2 City Breaks, Jet2 Villas, Indulgent Escapes and Vibe, all of which are subsidiaries of Jet2 PLC.

Jet2 employs over 11,500 staff to enable its 12.1 million customers to travel to more than 70 short-haul destinations. It has ten UK bases across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and its fleet includes 34 new Next-Generation Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Roles at Jet2

As well as recruiting pilots, Jet2 also provides opportunities for check-in and baggage staff, cabin crew, airport and resort teams in destination, and commercial staff.

Its business areas include:

  • Airline - Pilots, Cabin Crew, Operations, and At The Airport roles
  • Holidays Operations - Overseas operations, Overseas Roles, and Risk & Safety
  • Digital & IT - Digital & Analytics, Business Support & Project Office, Software Development, IT Services
  • Commercial Teams - Contracting & Product, Fiance, Head Office, Marketing, Revenue Management
  • Engineering - Line & Base Maintenance, Technical & Support
  • Contact Centre - Training, Planning & MI, Travel Contact Centre, Customer Operations, Customer Service

All current opportunities are listed on the Jet2 Careers site.

Jet2 has a good reputation for the satisfaction of both customers and employees. The airline was voted one of Glassdoor's Best Places to Work for 2022, and has a four-star rating. It has been voted the Best Short-Haul Airline by Globe Travel Awards five times in the last seven years.

Jet2 Culture, Values And Benefits

Jet2's customer-focused company culture is underpinned by four 'Take Me There' values. These are: Work as One Team, Take Responsibility, Create Memories and Be Present. It is important to display your understanding of these values throughout the recruitment process.

To recognise the effort of its employees, Jet2 runs 'A Great Deal Friendlier', a brilliance rewards scheme. There is also long service recognition for those who dedicate many years of their career to the company.

Other employee benefits include a generous annual leave allowance, contributory pension, flexible start and finish times, private medical insurance, a health cash plan, a travel discount and an employee assistance programme.

Jet2 Application Process

Whether you're a captain, a first officer or an apprentice, you'll need to go through Jet2's hiring process to secure a role. The process is multi-stage and competitive but, with targeted preparation, you'll be ready to impress at each hurdle.

Jet2 Online Application

The first step of the recruitment process is to submit an online application. This stage is designed to be quick and simple, so it won't be overly demanding. You'll be asked to log your personal details, your education/training background, and to detail your relevant experience.

You will also be asked a couple of questions about your motivation for applying to work with Jet2. Think carefully about your answers, and make sure they are concise, free from mistakes, and easy to read.

Remember that recruiters have many applications to read, so try to make your experience, skills and drive stand out.

Jet2 Telephone Screening

If your online application passes through to the next stage, you'll undergo a telephone screening. This will delve into the topics you covered on your application form in more detail - and be an opportunity for recruiters to get a feel for your potential by asking you to elaborate on your skills, experience and motivations.

It is also a good opportunity to find out more about the opportunities available with Jet2, if you have any questions.

Jet2 Aptitude Tests

Success at the telephone screening will bring you to a round of online psychometric testing. You'll receive an email invitation to complete the tests, which you should complete as soon as possible. The tests will likely include ability tests, spatial tests, and a situational judgement test, but the exact assessments encountered can differ depending upon role and career level.

You should be given information on the tests you are due to sit and given enough time to prepare before the deadline for completing the assessments.

Jet2 Situational Judgement Test

A situational judgement test (SJT) assesses how you would respond to a number of hypothetical workplace scenarios.

The test is timed and multiple-choice - you'll need to select the option that most closely represents the course of action you would take. It is used to assess alignment with Jet2's values and ways of working, to judge whether you'd be a good fit for the company.

Jet2 Ability Tests

Ability tests, such as numerical and verbal reasoning, may be used to assess your cognitive ability.

A numerical reasoning test tests your skills to interpret data and handle numbers, whilst a verbal reasoning test explores your skills in reading, understanding and analysing short passages of text.

Both of these assessments are multiple-choice and must be completed within a given time limit.

Jet2 Spatial Tests

The spatial test set may include a spatial, logical, abstract or diagrammatic reasoning assessment, which will ask you to analyse patterns and select the next figure in the sequence from a series of multiple-choice options. There are subtle differences between these tests, so be sure to prepare for the one you are due to encounter.

There is also likely to be a test to assess your reaction speed.

Jet2 Assessment Day

If you achieve a high score on the online tests, you'll be invited to attend an assessment day. This may be held in person or online, depending upon the circumstances.

The day will start with a presentation on Jet2 and what the role of a pilot is like with the company. This session is a good opportunity to ask any as yet unanswered questions or queries that may have occurred to you during the recruitment process.

There will be a group exercise, during which your performance will be assessed by the recruitment team. Jet2 is looking for employees who can work well in a diverse team, so make sure to display your ability to listen and collaborate, as well as your ability to complete a task quickly, effectively and to a high standard.

The final assessment of the day will take the form of an individual interview. Ensure you are ready to talk about your skills and strengths, and can back these up with evidence from your experience.

When preparing for the interview, use the STAR (situation, task, action, result) format to structure your answers, as this helps to ensure you answer with well-structured, concise responses on the day.

Also prepare a couple of insightful questions to ask your interviewer, as these can assist in displaying a level of knowledge and awareness, as well as a keen interest.

Jet2 Pilot Simulator Assessment

You'll also be required to sit a simulator assessment, to test your awareness, reaction time, and flying skill in a practical manner. This test will likely be on the same day as your interview.


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Jet2 Assessments FAQs

What do I need to know to pass the Jet2 numerical reasoning test?

To pass the Jet2 numerical reasoning test, you need to be proficient in basic arithmetic, percentages, ratios, and interpreting graphs and charts.

How can I prepare for the Jet2 tests?

You can practice free Jet2 assessments using our online platform. Practicing tests will help you become familiar with the test format and gradually improve your score.

What types of questions are on the Jet2 verbal reasoning test?

Jet2 verbal reasoning test questions assess your ability to understand, analyze, and draw conclusions from written information.