Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning tests examine your ability to quickly read, understand and pull out key information from dense passages of text.

  • What are verbal reasoning tests?

    Verbal reasoning tests examine your ability to quickly read, understand and pull the key information from a bulk of text.

    A good level of literacy and verbal logic are among the most desired and employability skills. This is especially important in aviation when there are mounds of information for every likely situation but only key pieces that may be relevant on the day.

  • Why do employers use verbal reasoning tests?

    Employers use verbal reasoning tests to assess a person's language and comprehension skills. Many roles in aviation require strong communication skills and an ability to understand the relevant information from large amounts of text.

  • What is the verbal reasoning test format?

    Generally you’ll be given a passage of text to read and questions will be based on the information given in said text. The common answer format will be multiple choice with ‘true, false or cannot say’ options. With an understanding of the information you’ll then need to decide upon the most logical conclusion.

    The good thing is that no prior knowledge of the text is needed and your decisions are based purely on the information you’ve just read.

    Verbal reasoning requires practice, and being familiar with the concept will definitely help. If you’d like to practise online, you can start with our verbal reasoning test questions and answers or download our verbal reasoning test pdf if you’d prefer to work offline.

  • What skills does verbal reasoning test?

    Your answers will indicate how well you can process and filter information when under pressure. More and more employers are using verbal reasoning tests to ensure the right candidates have strong reasoning skills before hiring.

    Verbal reasoning tests examine whether you can correctly identify a fact, or something that's just been inferred. This shows your level of comprehension and logic, as well as your language skills. These are all essential skills for any work environment, not only the aviation industry.

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Verbal Reasoning Tests FAQs

How are verbal reasoning tests scored?

You’ll be scored based on your answers but like many aptitude tests, verbal reasoning tests don’t have an ultimate passing score. Instead your result will be compared to the result of everyone else who took the same test.

What are verbal reasoning tests used for?

Verbal reasoning tests are used to get a clear idea of how well you process and filter information. Employers will use them to test your ability to comprehend and interpret verbal information, an important skill that you’ll need in most industries, Aviation being one of them.

What do verbal reasoning tests involve?

You’ll be required to read through passages of text looking for answers to a series of questions. Normally the answers will have the options ‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘cannot say’. Being able to determine whether something is a fact or has just been suggested, based purely on the information in front of you, is something that may take practice.

What do verbal reasoning tests measure?

The tests measure people's ability to extract important information from lots of text, as well as how you cope in a time pressure situation. Both are considered essential skills for any job role in aviation.

Where can I practice verbal reasoning tests?

You can practice verbal reasoning tests on our website. As well as test answers, you can access valuable hints, tips and tricks that’ll ensure you get better with every practice.

Which employers use verbal reasoning tests?

A wide variety of industries rely on verbal reasoning tests as a means of filtering out the candidates that have the right communication skills for the job. In the aviation industry, it’s becoming more and more common, as employers seek to find individuals with excellent communication skills.


What our customers say about our Verbal Reasoning Tests

  • Portugal

    October 20, 2021

    Read quickly

    I liked this test because I believe that it might be true to the real Emirates English assessment. It has a lot of text with various information that we have to read really quickly to answer the question within time.

  • Australia

    December 10, 2021

    An easier version when comparing to the others on the internet

    The test has captured the "True, false, cannot tell" idea. It seems to be less ambiguous than a few others I found on the net.

  • United States of America

    March 15, 2022

    Interesting and not easy

    I liked taking the test, and need to prepare for a similar test for a job I am interviewing for. Never thought I would have to prepare for SAT all over again.

  • Namibia

    August 01, 2022

    To read everything first and try and to understand it.

    I like how the script matches the answer. I don't have something I dislike about the test

  • Spain

    December 19, 2022


    it´s a bit tricky enough to make you figure out what things are absolutely right or which ones are just bad interpretations.

  • Pakistan

    May 02, 2023

    Good test

    The information provided was long therefore correctly testing people for their ability to remember or pick out important information.