Abstract Reasoning Tests

Abstract reasoning tests are also known as diagrammatic or inductive reasoning tests.

  • What are abstract reasoning tests?

    Abstract reasoning tests are used to assess how you identify the link between shapes, figures and patterns, then how you apply this logic to find the right answer.

    These tests are used to analyse a person’s thinking process. You will need to evaluate patterns, logical correlations, and trends between shapes and figures. Correct answers and the time it took to reach them, go towards the result. This can reveal a number of things about a person such as the prevailing side of their brain.

  • Why do employers use abstract reasoning tests?

    Airlines use abstract reasoning tests as another way to assess how capable candidates are at problem solving under time pressure, how they evaluate new concepts and how adept they are at inductive reasoning.

    The tests are very similar to IQ tests and rely on your ability to find the logic in a series of shapes and patterns. Aviation is a competitive industry and abstract reasoning tests help filter out the natural problem solvers, that an interview alone may not. This capability is especially important to roles such as pilots, engineers, managers and cabin crew.

  • What is the abstract reasoning test format?

    Abstract reasoning tests follow the multiple choice format, along with the ‘one minute per question’ rule.

    You’ll be asked to solve a sequence or pattern. In order to reach the correct answer you’ll need to identify the rule that links the symbols/images in order to complete the pattern/sequence in a logical way.

    Typically this isn’t an activity that you’ll come across on a day to day basis, therefore it’s recommended that you practice them regularly to familiarise yourself with the concept.

  • What skills does abstract reasoning test?

    Abstract reasoning tests are designed to be difficult and the more questions you answer, the harder it gets. This is why practice, of these tests in particular, is important.

    The test requires you to think both logically and laterally, which requires creative thinking. This helps to reveal the dominant side of the brain. By problem solving and identifying the logical rules, the results show the candidates ability to act in an unprecedented situation by applying said rules. Aviation has the potential for many unprecedented situations which is why airlines like to test you on this skill before hiring.

    As you can see, the tests are not easy. We recommend completing our free abstract reasoning test questions and answers and downloading our abstract reasoning test pdf.

Sample Abstract Reasoning Tests question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

In an alternating sequence of figures, the first shape is a square, the second shape is a triangle, and the third shape is a circle. If this pattern continues, what will be the shape of the ninth figure in the sequence?

  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Circle
  • Rectangle

Imagine a sequence where every figure is a polygon that increases the number of sides successively. If the sequence begins with a triangle, what would be the fifth figure in the sequence?

  • Pentagon
  • Hexagon
  • Heptagon
  • Octagon

If a pattern of dots in a grid follows a rule that each subsequent image increases the number of dots by a certain factor, and the first image has 3 dots while the second has 6, how many dots will the fourth image have?

  • 9 dots
  • 12 dots
  • 15 dots
  • 24 dots

In a sequence, the shapes alternate between circles and squares, while also alternating fill color between black and white. If the sequence starts with a black circle, what is the fourth shape in the sequence?

  • Black circle
  • White square
  • White circle
  • Black square

If square A is half the size of square B, and square C is half the size of square A, by what factor is square B larger than square C?

  • 2 times
  • 4 times
  • 8 times
  • 16 times

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Abstract Reasoning Tests Tips

Familiarize Yourself with Patterns

Start by getting comfortable recognizing patterns and understanding sequences within diagrams. This will help you determine the principles that govern the changes in a sequence. Use puzzles and pattern games to sharpen this skill, and you'll find yourself more adept at cracking these tests.

Work on Your Speed

Abstract Reasoning tests are often timed, so you'll want to make sure you can work quickly without compromising accuracy. Practice timed sessions on Careerroo to gauge your speed and gradually improve it. Developing a pace that allows you to progress through questions while maintaining precision is key.

Keep Calm and Stay Focused

The nature of Abstract Reasoning tests can be perplexing. Remain calm and stay focused on one question at a time. Stress and worry can cloud your thinking, so take deep breaths and approach each problem methodically. Centering your mind before and during the test will aid in effective problem solving.

Don't Dwell on Tough Questions

Some questions may seem more challenging than others. It’s important not to spend too much time on any single problem. If you're stuck, it’s better to move on and return if time allows. This strategy ensures you’re not sacrificing the opportunity to answer questions that might be easier for you.

Review Your Answers

If the test format permits, take a moment to review your answers. Double-checking your work can catch any simple mistakes or oversights. This can be a safety net, ensuring that your responses truly reflect your best judgement and abilities.

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Abstract Reasoning Tests FAQs

How are abstract reasoning tests scored?

Abstract reasoning tests are usually scored normatively. Meaning your individual score is compared to a group of people who have also taken the test. As a result, the employer gets a good sense of how difficult the test was and can make a decision accordingly.

What are abstract reasoning tests used for?

Abstract reasoning tests are designed to analyze a person's thinking process. The results, taking into account speed and number of correct answers, reveal a number of things about a person's skills and the prevailing side of their brain.

What do abstract reasoning tests involve?

Abstract reasoning tests involve various symbol based problems where you will need to identify patterns and sequences. They mainly consist of a series of images or diagrams that need to be matched with an odd/missing part in order to logically complete the series.

What do abstract reasoning tests measure?

Abstract reasoning tests measure a candidate's ability to think laterally. Whilst showing your ability to act in an unprecedented situation by identifying logical rules and thus problem solving. A highly regarded skill in aviation.

Where can I practice abstract reasoning tests?

Our website is the leading aptitude test provider. We recommend you practise these tests as much as possible as abstract reasoning tests are designed to be difficult. Practising will help you get faster and become more accurate.

Which employers use abstract reasoning tests?

The aviation industry is always looking for problem solvers, quick thinkers and those who take the initiative, therefore it’s highly likely they’ll be using abstract reasoning tests as part of their hiring process.


What our customers say about our Abstract Reasoning Tests

  • Japan

    August 24, 2022

    "Focus on the simple Sequence"

    Abstract reasoning is actually a tricky test for me and for other people. Some people dislike the test and some maybe are confident to answer these kinds of tests. In my case, if the next picture is hard for me to locate, I focus on the simple sequence. Don`t pressure and be mindful.

  • Australia

    January 06, 2023

    Process by elimination

    Great test. I find it easier to have A,B,C,D,E written on a piece of paper and then eliminate wrong answers until you have one remaining.

  • Tunisia

    January 27, 2023

    Sequence tests are very beneficial but extremely hard

    I like this kind of tests it's like a game to me but i didn't like the time pressure it makes the test too hard

  • United Kingdom

    February 03, 2023

    Follow the pattern

    You have to think outside the box - the pattern is not always obvious I.e. doesn’t always follow 1 on, 1 off

  • Italy

    February 09, 2023

    Being able to think with logic

    i liked how it’s made, graphically. I didn’t really like the options being so close to the question. I think I’d help more to visualize the answer if there was space between the questions and their answers.

  • Sri Lanka

    May 02, 2023

    All my brain cells were working…

    I felt like all my brain cells are working at the same time. Good exercise for my brain. I enjoyed it.

  • Argentina

    June 27, 2023

    Didn't understand at first but practice and explanations helped

    At first, I didn't understand it but after reading the answers and solutions it was really helpful to get the hang of.

  • Italy

    November 03, 2023

    it's really logical

    it's may look strange at first but once you got into it and really understood it you will be able to do it

  • Mexico

    November 03, 2023

    Pay attention to details

    It was a graet test, it help´s you to pay attention to the details so you can know mucha better about the problem.

  • Zambia

    March 31, 2024

    The time given was not enough

    I liked that it was challenging, it required me to really think about what the correct answer would be.