Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests

Diagrammatic reasoning tests are all about applying logic to a series of different flow charts or diagrams.

  • What are diagrammatic reasoning tests?

    Diagrammatic reasoning tests are used as a tool to assess your ability to think logically and solve complex diagrams. In each test you’ll find a series of flow charts or diagrams from which you’ll need to identify the pattern. They are designed to see how adept you are at solving a challenge under pressure, which is a crucial skill to have in several aviation roles. Ultimately you’re looking to prove you can draw logical conclusions from a problem and then relay that information in a new scenario.

  • Why do employers use diagrammatic reasoning tests?

    The aviation industry requires employees to think logically and can quickly identify patterns and sequences.These types of skills are essential for certain roles such as pilots. Diagrammatic reasoning tests are favoured by employers for this reason, therefore it’s highly likely most airlines will require you to take one to assess your ability and move you onto the next stage of recruitment.

  • What is the diagrammatic reasoning test format?

    Diagrammatic tests are multiple choice and follow the one minute per question rule. Although it’s always a good idea to check the amount of time to number of questions before you start. During the test you’ll be required to look at a series of patterns, shapes and diagrams and complete the sequence applying a logical rule, thus solving the problem.

    Diagrammatic tests may seem hard at first as generally it’s not something you do everyday, once you’ve got used to applying consistent logic, by using the tips and tricks from our website, it’s merely a matter of practice.

  • What skills does diagrammatic reasoning test?

    A diagrammatic reasoning test looks at how quickly and accurately you're able to read a sequence and draw conclusions from it. In each question, you’ll be searching for an underlying logic that you can take forwards and apply. Although the questions may be unlike anything you’ve seen before, the skills that are being tested will be skills you utilise daily in many roles in aviation and flying.

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Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests FAQs

How are diagrammatic reasoning tests scored?

All questions will be multiple choice. You will need to logically select a correct variant to complete the sequence. Your score will then be compared to other candidates who have also taken the test.

What are diagrammatic reasoning tests used for?

Diagrammatic reasoning tests are used to assess logical thinking. Problem solving is highly valued in the aviation industry and this test is a way to show the employer these skills in a time pressure scenario.

What do diagrammatic reasoning tests involve?

Diagrammatic reasoning tests involve unfinished sequences that require logic to complete. In order to select the correct answer, you’ll need to identify the common thread between the patterns.

What do diagrammatic reasoning tests measure?

Diagrammatic reasoning tests evaluate a candidate's ability to problem solve using logical reasoning. They’ll be required to find the rule that enables them to complete the sequence or pattern in each question.

Where can I practice diagrammatic reasoning tests?

You can practice diagrammatic tests here on Careerroo. There are also tips, tricks and hints to help you. These tests may be challenging at first which is why we recommend you get plenty of practise before the real thing.

Which employers use diagrammatic reasoning tests?

The aviation industry uses these tests frequently to filter out candidates best suited for certain roles. They are designed to evaluate logical thinking and pattern recognition skills, which are important for any job but especially aviation specific, such as pilots.


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    April 11, 2023

    Interesting questions

    I liked the clockwise and anticlockwise movement questions!

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    Improve proofreading and notice differences frequently

    I liked the questions very much for developing the mind and intelligence. The manipulation of graphics and shapes were quite challenging!