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About Virgin Atlantic

Established in 1984, Virgin Atlantic is a British airline. From its hub at Heathrow and secondary base at Manchester, the airline flies to destinations across Asia, North America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Africa.

Virgin Atlantic was founded by business magnate Sir Richard Branson and is part of the company Virgin Atlantic Limited, along with Virgin Holidays.

It operates a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, with three cabin classes – economy, premium and upper class.

The airline employs thousands of people across its global network and prides itself on a culture of inclusion and diversity. The security, safety and contentment of its customers is at the heart of Virgin's service, as it strives to deliver the best possible experience.

With nearly 40 years of experience, being part of Virgin Atlantic means belonging to an established and passionate community.

Virgin Atlantic Application Process

Virgin Atlantic offers employment opportunities in customer service, cargo, engineering, and operations, as well as positions for pilots and cabin crew members.

There are also roles in Information Technology, Sales & Marketing, Finance & Procurement, HR & Training, Commercial, and Customer Experience at its Head Office in Crawley, UK.

Current vacancies can be found via a Virgin Atlantic careers search.

The recruitment process differs depending upon the business area and role to which you are applying. It usually involves an online application, assessments (in the form of group discussions, role plays, ability tests, and presentations), and an interview.

Virgin Atlantic Online Application

The first stage of the application process is submitting an online application. The application form requires you to upload a CV and covering letter.

Your cover letter should be clear and well-structured, conveying your motivation for applying to your chosen role and briefly highlighting your relevant skills and experience. The recruitment team wants to hear how you can add value to Virgin, so make sure your own voice comes through.

Ensure this is accompanied by an up-to-date CV that is tailored to the role. List your educational qualifications and relevant experience, along with the responsibilities and skills involved. Be honest, but don't shy away from highlighting your achievements.

Both your CV and covering letter should be carefully checked for any spelling mistakes. Double check that your personal details are up to date.

Virgin Atlantic Assessment Centre

The exact assessments encountered during the recruitment process depend upon the role in question, but most applicants will be asked to attend an assessment centre. This may be virtual, or in person, depending upon the circumstances.

Assessment centres explore a candidate's strengths and potential through tasks such as ability tests, presentations, role play exercises, and group tasks. They also often feature an interview.

The different assessments encountered are explored in greater detail below:

Virgin Atlantic Group Discussion

As teamwork is at the core of Virgin Atlantic's business, the assessment centre may include group discussions. You will be placed into a group of your peers and given a topic to discuss within a given time.

The recruitment team will observe and monitor your contribution, alongside the effectiveness of your team working skills. Remember that listening and encouraging the voices of others is just as important to teamwork as allowing your voice to be heard.

Virgin Atlantic Role Plays

The role play exercises involve scenarios that may be encountered whilst working in the role. You'll be given a scenario and some time to prepare, then asked to enact the situation alongside members of the recruitment team.

The aim of the role play is to assess your behaviour when dealing with the given situation – namely how well you cope with unexpected challenges under pressure.

Virgin Atlantic Ability Tests

As part of the Virgin Atlantic Assessment centre, you may be required to sit some online ability tests. These tests assess your aptitude across different skills and must be completed within a given time limit.

The test types vary depending upon role, but you may encounter a numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning and/or logical reasoning test. All the tests will be in a multiple-choice format.

You may also be asked to complete a personality questionnaire and situational judgement test, so the recruitment team can get a better idea of your character and behavioural preferences.

There will be a couple of untimed practice questions to complete so you can familiarise yourself within the interface but, once the test begins, you'll need to answer the questions quickly and accurately to secure a high score.

If you are applying for a pilot role, there will also be motor skills, coordination, and simulator tests.

Virgin Atlantic Presentation

For certain roles, you'll be asked to deliver a presentation as part of the assessment process. You'll be given a topic – which may feature a case study – and asked to prepare a short presentation.

Your presentation should carefully analyse the options available and make clear recommendations. Speak confidently and be prepared to justify your convictions, as the panel will likely ask questions on the material you present.

Virgin Atlantic Behavioural/Biographical Interview

All Virgin Atlantic applicants will be required to complete at least one interview.

During the behavioural interview , you'll need to evidence your skills and behaviours using examples from your job history. The recruitment team wants to know how you deal with workplace situations and challenges.

Use the STAR (situation, task, action, result) technique to ensure you from strong, well-structured responses.

A biographical interview is based around the information on your CV – your experience, achievements, and career choices. It will also touch upon your motivation for the sector and for applying to work for Virgin Atlantic.

The interview(s) may be in person or via video, depending upon the circumstances. Either way, be confident, conscious of your body language, and convey professionalism.

If you're asked to attend a video interview, choose a quiet location, free from distractions, and check your internet connection is stable.

Remember, an interview is an opportunity to meet and talk to a member of the recruitment team, so come with your questions. It is a two-way process - and a chance for you to get a feel for whether Virgin Atlantic is the right fit for you – so don't be overwhelmed by the process.

If you take time to prepare relevant examples to evidence your skills and competencies, you'll show up ready to display your motivation, enthusiasm, and potential for a career in aviation with Virgin Atlantic.

Sample Virgin Atlantic Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

An airline ticketing system categorizes ticket changes into four types: rescheduled, rerouted, upgraded, and cancelled. If the pattern of customer service requests is RRUUCC, rerouted followed by upgraded, which category of change will be requested next?

  • Rescheduled
  • Rerouted
  • Upgraded
  • Cancelled

An airline operates three types of aircraft on its long-haul route: The A-380 carries 500 passengers, the B-747 carries 400 passengers, and the A-350 carries 375 passengers. If the airline schedules a total of 33 flights each week on its long-haul route, carrying a combined total of 14,625 passengers, how many of each aircraft type does the airline need to schedule to carry all the passengers?

  • 12 A-380s, 11 B-747s, and 10 A-350s
  • 15 A-380s, 9 B-747s, and 9 A-350s
  • 10 A-380s, 15 B-747s, and 8 A-350s
  • 13 A-380s, 12 B-747s, and 8 A-350s

In relation to customer feedback, a recent survey highlighted that 75% of respondents rated their flight experience as excellent. If 600 survey responses were received, how many respondents did not rate their experience as excellent?

  • 150 respondents
  • 450 respondents
  • 500 respondents
  • 100 respondents

After reading the company's new in-flight service protocol, which goal is the primary focus?

The airline has developed a comprehensive in-flight service protocol to enhance passenger comfort and satisfaction. This includes personalized greetings, expanded meal service with regional delicacies, and increased interaction between cabin crew and passengers to anticipate needs before they arise. The protocol emphasizes creating a memorable and distinctive experience to foster customer loyalty and advocacy.

  • Reducing in-flight service costs
  • Increasing the in-flight service speed
  • Enhancing the overall passenger experience
  • Standardizing meal services

Consider an airline that has decided to revise its boarding process. Which of the following plans is most likely to reduce the overall time it takes for passengers to board?

  • Boarding passengers seated at the front of the aircraft first, followed by those at the back.
  • Boarding passengers with window seats first, then middle seats, followed by aisle seats.
  • Boarding passengers in sequence from the rear to the front of the aircraft.
  • Allowing all passengers to board at the same time regardless of seat location.

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Virgin Atlantic Assessments Tips

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Virgin Atlantic Assessments FAQs

What are the Virgin Atlantic tests?

Virgin Atlantic uses a range of tests during their recruitment process to identify candidates who will excel in the aviation sector. These tests are bespoke to roles at Virgin Atlantic and designed to assess key skills and competencies.

Are the Virgin Atlantic tests hard?

The tests crafted for Virgin Atlantic's recruitment are challenging but not insurmountable. They are intended to ascertain an applicant's suitability and potential within such a dynamic industry.

How do I prepare for Virgin Atlantic tests?

The best preparation for Virgin Atlantic tests involves practicing as much as possible. Careerroo offers a plethora of practice tests that simulate the actual tests, helping you get ready for the real thing.

How long does the recruitment process take at Virgin Atlantic?

The duration of the recruitment process at Virgin Atlantic can vary depending on the role. It's typically thorough to ensure the best fit for the company's culture and needs.

What are Virgin Atlantic's core values?

Virgin Atlantic upholds core values such as safety, security, and customer contentment, anchored by a commitment to inclusion and delivering a premier travel experience.