Logical Reasoning Tests

Logical reasoning tests are designed to examine your logical thinking skills.

  • What are logical reasoning tests?

    Generally logical reasoning tests use patterns and shape sequences where rational thinking will be needed to complete the questions. The test can be broken down into 3 different areas: Deductive, Inductive and Abstract.

    Each area is slightly different but all aimed at identifying logical rules and applying them to complete the given sequence. Airlines often use these tests as a way to assess a candidate's capability in this area.

  • Why do employers use logical reasoning tests?

    Companies, both large and small, put a lot of value on a candidate's logical skills. When candidates have similar levels of expertise and experience, this is often what sets one candidate apart from another.

    Employers use this test to assess logical thinking and problem solving skills, therefore giving them a clearer picture of suitable people for specific roles within the airline industry.

  • What is the logical reasoning test format?

    There will be multiple challenges involving shapes and patterns. You’ll be required to complete each sequence by choosing the correct image from the multiple choice answer. The Logical reasoning test is timed and once again, the ‘one minute per question’ rule normally applies. It’s a good idea to look at the time to questions ratio before you begin. It's recommended to practise the test in exam conditions. Remember to stay calm and focused, and be careful when identifying the patterns. Some can look suspiciously similar!

  • What skills does logical reasoning test?

    Logical reasoning tests cover a wide range of skills. They all test your problem solving abilities, how you work under pressure and your logic, from the data given. These skills are always useful whether you’re in the aviation industry or not.

    There will be deductive reasoning questions, this judges your ability to proceed from general premises to specific conclusions.

    Inductive questions will be the opposite, used to test your ability to proceed from specific to general.

    Then lastly, abstract reasoning, testing your ability to find the simplest and most likely explanation, relying on your observations.

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Logical Reasoning Tests FAQs

How are logical reasoning tests scored?

Once you’ve chosen the most logical sequence which relates to the patterns and shapes, your correct scores will then be added up and compared to other people who have taken the same test.

What are logical reasoning tests used for?

Logical reasoning tests are used as a tool to demonstrate your ability to think logically. By answering questions related to data, shapes, patterns and challenges, you’re showing you’re able to problem solve and excel in challenging situations, which is a day to day occurance in aviation.

What do logical reasoning tests involve?

The logical reasoning tests involve a series of questions; inductive, deductive or abstract. You’ll be seeing different shapes, objects and sequences that you’ll need to use logic to connect in some way.

What do logical reasoning tests measure?

These tests measure your ability to think logically and rationally, to remain calm when problem solving under time pressure. The skills from logical reasoning are highly valued in the aviation industry.

Where can I practice logical reasoning tests?

You can practise logical reasoning tests right here. Practising will improve your skills and speed. You’ll also find tips, hints and guides on our website, which will help when you take the test for real.

Which employers use logical reasoning tests?

Many companies use the logical reasoning tests. It’s an easy way to gain insight into a candidate's ability to think logically and problem solve. Therefore the aviation industry in particular will be using these tests.


What our customers say about our Logical Reasoning Tests

  • Hungary

    June 01, 2022

    Always the solution

    I think it is a good test. There was some easier and some 'need to think' kind of tests. I like them a lot.

  • Australia

    July 11, 2022

    start up

    was nice and easy to start doing. Not too hard as it did make me think to find the consistent pattern

  • Fiji

    May 16, 2023

    Good sequence and shape questions

    I like the test because it tests how good my capabilities are to understand and answer logical reasoning questions.