Situational Judgement Tests

Situational judgement tests assess how you deal with scenarios and challenges that come up in the workplace.

  • What are situational judgement tests?

    Situational judgement tests assess how you would react to certain scenarios in a work environment. There’ll be different challenges and hypothetical problems to be solved. Employers will be able to see from your answers where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This will help determine whether you’re the right candidate for the role.

    The main competencies being tested are your communication skills, commercial awareness, relationship building and teamwork. All these skills are essential in almost all aviation roles.

  • Why do employers use situational judgement tests?

    The aviation industry is all about people skills. Employers want to see how you communicate and how you’d deal with the wide variety of situations that you’ll deal with on a day to day basis. It’s important to prove you have the skills to navigate the challenges of the everyday workplace in that sector.

    As the tests largely concentrate on your people skills, behavioural thinking and a good level of empathy are therefore necessary to succeed. Being able to effectively communicate and relate to others will help when taking the situational judgement tests.

  • What is the situational judgement test format?

    Situational judgement tests involve a detailed scenario with a problem or challenge. From the multiple choice responses you’ll be able to choose the most appropriate answer, which shows how you’d react to the scenario you're faced with.

    In order to choose the correct answer you’ll need to rely on your reasoning and emotional intelligence. It's important to put yourself into that scenario and think from the point of view or the airline you’re hoping to work for.

    The number of questions and the amount of allotted time will vary from test to test, but typically candidates will be given one minute per question.

  • What skills does situational judgement test?

    Situational judgement tests are assessing your communication skills, commercial awareness, building relationships and teamwork to name just a few. Whilst the skills are quite varied, the scenarios are all work based and situations you’ll come across on a day to day basis in the aviation industry.

    As the tests are timed you’ll also be showing how well you work under pressure. We highly recommend trying out some practice judgement tests first so you can improve any weak areas and get comfortable with the test format.

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Situational Judgement Tests FAQs

How are situational judgement tests scored?

The answers, from your situational judgement test, will be grouped according to the skill or competency they are testing. Your combined skills are then compared with a normative group (people who have already taken the test) and proved competent for the role.

What are situational judgement tests used for?

Situational judgements tests are used to assess the necessary skills needed for certain roles within aviation. They assess communication, teamwork, analytical thinking and organisational skills, amongst others. This helps the employer evaluate whether you’ll fit into the team and company dynamics.

What do situational judgement tests involve?

The situational judgement tests involve different scenarios that you’ll likely encounter in the aviation industry on a daily basis. You’ll be required to select the most appropriate response to the challenge/problem which forms the question. Thus showing the employer you have the necessary skills for the specific role you’re applying for.

What do situational judgement tests measure?

The situational judgement tests measure your skills and competencies for the specific role you’ve applied for. Since they’re challenges which could happen day to day, employers are able to see how you would manage such situations.

Where can I practice situational judgement tests?

We recommend you practise these tests frequently to help you become familiar with the question format and how to react to certain situations, specific to the role which you’re applying for. Use our website for practise tests and take advantage of the tips, tricks and hints that will help guide you.

Which employers use situational judgement tests?

Situational judgement tests are one of the most commonly used aptitude tests used by employers. It’s very likely you’ll be asked to take one of these tests during the hiring phase for most roles within aviation.


What our customers say about our Situational Judgement Tests

  • Spain

    June 01, 2022

    Find how to adjust own personality and attitude to task requirement

    Liked that it is general and not subject / field-oriented. Do not necessarily agree with the options provided to choose from.

  • Malaysia

    January 03, 2023

    Situational Judgement Test

    practice test and timed test questions are the same, which doesn't help much in revising, but questions are good for situational judgement.

  • Moldova, Republic of

    November 03, 2023


    The scenarios and instructions should be clearly outlined to avoid any confusion. It's important to ensure that the context and expectations are well-explained to the participant.