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About Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is a major airline with its headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. The company has a strong history that spans back to the 1920s.

The airline flies to many destinations around the world, including Australia, China, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Air New Zealand has a fleet of aircraft that includes Airbus and Boeing jetliners. The airline offers both economy and business-class service on its flights.

If you are looking for a career working with a top airline, you should consider Air New Zealand.

Roles at Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is a major airline that offers many opportunities for those looking for a job in the aviation industry.

Positions at Air New Zealand vary in type and can include everything from pilots and engineers to customer service and cabin crew.

There are many benefits to working for Air New Zealand, such as competitive salaries, excellent training programs, and generous employee discounts.

Air New Zealand Culture, Values And Benefits

Air New Zealand's culture and values are a major factor in its success and are known for their customer service and quality flights.

The company's culture is based on four core values: safety, service, innovation, and family.

These values are evident in everything Air New Zealand does, from the way its employees are treated to the products and services it offers. This culture has helped the airline attract and retain talented employees, which has resulted in a high level of customer service.

Air New Zealand's culture also encourages innovation, which has led to some innovative products and services.

Air New Zealand Application Process

Air New Zealand has a comprehensive application process, which includes aptitude tests and assessments.

The hiring process can be long (3-6 weeks), but it's worth it - the company offers great training and development opportunities, as well as a good salary and benefits package.

The application process includes:

  • Online application
  • Recruitment event
  • Interview
  • Psychometric Testing

Air New Zealand Online Application

The online application is a chance for the hiring team to assess your skills and experience against the requirements of the position.

Some of the values you'll be assessed for include:

  • Curiosity
  • Customer Focus
  • Adaptability
  • Courage
  • Relentless optimism
  • Co-creators
  • Diversity

You can apply online and will be required to upload your personal information, CV and cover letter. If you meet the minimum requirements for the role you may be invited to a recruitment event or given an interview.

Air New Zealand Recruitment event

The air new zealand recruitment event is job specific so not everyone will participate in this event.

You'll be given a group interview by multiple interviewers and asked a series of behavioural and work related questions.

The 1-on-1 interview is more formal. You might be asked to provide an example of excellent customer service, how you dealt with difficult team members and how you deal with stress.

In any interview situation it is best to use the STAR method (situation, task, action, response).

Air New Zealand Interviews

You may just be invited to one of several interviews throughout the recruitment process.

Typically the interviews will focus on four key areas:

  • Your potential (ambition, learning agility, engagement skills)
  • Leadership qualities
  • Personal values/ cultural fit
  • Technical abilities

Once again, try to prepare for interviews by taking practice questions and using the STAR method.

Air New Zealand Aptitude Tests

Depending on which role you apply for you may be invited to take some online tests.

Air New Zealand uses PI and Hudson cognitive assessment tests. These tests measure the same areas of cognitive ability including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and personality tests.

Air New Zealand Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning is one of the most important skills for employers to assess. The numerical reasoning test measures an applicant's ability to understand and work with numbers. The test format can vary, but most employers look for applicants who can quickly and accurately solve maths problems.

There are a few reasons why employers like Air New Zealand use numerical reasoning tests.

First, they help employers gauge how well an applicant can think logically and analytically. Second, numerical reasoning tests can help identify candidates who are comfortable working with numbers (for example, cabin crew taking in-flight payments). Finally, these tests can be used to predict how well an applicant will perform on the job.

Most numerical reasoning tests are formatted as questions and answers. However, sometimes math puzzles or diagrams that require solving equations are used.

Air New Zealand Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test helps Air New Zealand measure a person's ability to understand and analyze written information. The tests can come in a variety of formats, but all are meant to assess how well a person can think critically and problem solve.

The tests can help identify candidates who are strong in critical thinking and problem solving skills. These skills are important for jobs that require the ability to analyze and make decisions quickly. Another reason is that verbal reasoning tests can be used to measure how well a person understands written instructions or directions. This is important for jobs that require the ability to read and follow written instructions.

The most common format for a verbal reasoning test is a multiple choice questions quiz.

Air New Zealand Abstract Reasoning Test

Abstract reasoning tests assess an applicant's ability to think logically. These tests usually take the form of a few questions that require the test-taker to identify patterns or relationships in a series of shapes or symbols.

The most common reason for using abstract reasoning tests is to measure an applicant's ability to think critically and logically, which is a skill that is important in many jobs.

Another use for these tests is to screen out candidates who may not have the necessary cognitive abilities for a particular position.

Air New Zealand Personality Test

The personality test comes in many formats, but all share one common goal: to measure some aspect of your personality. The personality test helps provide Air New Zealand further insight into how you work and think.

This information can be helpful in making decisions about job placement and employee development.

Air New Zealand Situational Judgement Test

Great situational judgement is needed for a range of roles at Air New Zealand - making good choices for the safety of passengers and providing outstanding customer service is a critical aspect. The types of decision you make can help Air New Zealand assess if you are the right person for the job and align with their company values.

It's good to practice situational judgement tests and understand what the format is like.

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Air New Zealand Assessments FAQs

How can I demonstrate customer service skills?

When you explain past work experience on your resume or in an interview, make sure to emphasize how you most effectively used customer service skills in previous roles. For example, if you previously worked in retail or hospitality, focus on how you handled difficult customers and went above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction with the level of service they received.

What training programs are available at Air New Zealand?

Air New Zealand's cabin crew receive training in customer service skills, inflight services, and emergency procedures. After completing this brief induction course, trainees are given additional training on how to handle special situations such as medical emergencies or responding to threatening behavior from passengers.

How can I prepare for the Air New Zealand assessments?

You can practice free Air New Zealand assessments using our online platform. Practicing tests will help you become familiar with the test format and gradually improve your score.