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About Air Europa

Air Europa is the third largest Spanish airline, behind Iberia and Vueling. Founded in 1986, the airline now flies to 44 destinations in Spain and Europe, as well asn North America, South America, Tunisia, Morocco, and the Caribbean.

The headquarters of Air Europa is in Llucmajor, Mallorca.

Air Europa forms the Air Division of the Globalia Business Corporation, the leading Spanish tourism group by turnover which also includes:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Hotels
  • Handling
  • Ground Transfer

Air Europa became a member of the SkyTeam alliance in 2007, and a deal to buy the airline from Globalia was signed in early 2023, making Air Europa part of the International Airlines Group (the parent group of Iberia), but maintaining its own branding.

Roles at Air Europa

As part of the Globalia group, there are many roles relating to tourism available - but for Air Europa in particular, pilots and cabin crew are the main roles that are hired for regularly.

Air Europa looks for qualified pilots who have already completed basic training and the required number of hours to get their commercial pilots license.

Cabin crew have particular requirements, too - as below.

Air Europa Culture, Values And Benefits

The Air Europa culture and values are linked to their parent company Globalia.

Globalia was founded by the entrepreneurial John Jose Hidalgo in the early 1970's. Since then, it has developed into the only vertically integrated tourism company in Spain - all the businesses operating separately but working together.

This is a value that is important to Air Europa - teamwork and cooperation. As the Globalia group consists of more than 15,000 employees, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability are important.

Basic Requirements

For cabin crew working at Air Europa, there are some basic qualifications that need to be met by applicants. These include:

  • Minimum height - 5'4" for women, 5'6" for men.
  • Minimum reach - 208cm.
  • Permitted to work in Europe
  • At least 18
  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Able to swim 25m

If you meet these requirements, you can apply for a role at Air Europa.

Air Europa Airlines Application Process

Air Europa Online Application

All available roles at Air Europa are listed on the Globalia careers page. You can search for opportunities by job title or by location.

To apply, you will need to complete a simple online application form. This includes space for you to share contact details, and you might be asked some questions about why you want to work for Air Europa and what your career plans are. You will also need to upload a current and tailored CV.

If your application matches the basic criteria for the role, then you will be invited to the next stage of the application process.

Air Europa Airlines Aptitude Tests

For some roles, you might need to complete some online psychometric and aptitude tests. These are usually delivered to you via email, and you will need to complete them online, at home.

Situational Judgment

A situational judgment test is used to evaluate the way you deal with situations in the workplace and gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your problem solving abilities and your behavior in the workplace.

Each question is presented as a fictional work-based scenario, followed by several potential courses of actions that you could take to deal with the presented problem. You will need to decide what the best action to take, and what would be most like the way you would deal with the issue.

Verbal Reasoning

In the verbal reasoning assessment, each question will be based on a passage of text. You will need to read the passage, and answer the question that follows. There will be multiple choice options that you have to choose from.

In this type of test, you can find the answer to the question in the passage - you don't need to have any prior knowledge or experience to answer.

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning tests are about evaluating your ability to make decisions based on available information - your critical thinking and logic.

Each question in this type of test is non-verbal - you will be presented with a series of shapes or images that are connected in some way, with an item missing. You need to find the pattern that governs the sequence, and apply it to the multiple choice options that are presented to choose the right answer.

Telephone/Video Interview

The next stage is often a brief interview. This is usually an opportunity for the recruitment team to get to know you a bit more, and find out more about you from the points you have raised in your CV.

You might be asked some questions about your previous experience, and whether you have demonstrated any of the competencies that are needed for the role.

Assessment Day

The final stage in many recruitment processes is the Assessment Day. For cabin crew, this can involve several different activities where you will be under consistent evaluation by the recruitment team.

Some of the activities you might have to complete include:

  • Role plays - posing as a member of the cabin crew, you'll work with a recruiter who is playing a customer and you'll need to help them with a problem.
  • Group exercises - as a group, you will need to work through a problem, and you might be asked to present your findings to the rest of the candidates
  • Tests - during the assessment day, you might be asked to complete medical and fitness tests related to the needs of the role - measuring height, weight and reach, for example.
  • Interviews - the final interviews will take place at the assessment center, and you can expect to be interviewed by senior members of the team. You'll probably have to provide some examples from your experience where you have used some of the soft skills needed for the role.

Sample Air Europa Test question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

Assuming a particular destination's seasonal popularity increases ticket sales by 40% in summer, and a flight usually has 150 ticket sales, how many ticket sales should be expected during the summer?

  • 190 ticket sales
  • 210 ticket sales
  • 250 ticket sales
  • 300 ticket sales

During a briefing regarding new international travel regulations, an airline manager explained the implications for flight scheduling and crew deployment. What could be the primary concern for the manager in adapting to these regulations?

  • Ensuring passenger comfort during flights
  • Redesigning the airline's logo to reflect new safety measures
  • Changing flight routes to minimize fuel consumption
  • Coordinating with various departments to comply with regulations

A flight attendant noticed that there is a higher demand for a particular in-flight meal option. How should the information be recorded to assist with future planning?

  • Discuss it informally with the cabin crew
  • Suggest a new meal option to passengers
  • Log the preference in the post-flight report
  • Ignore the preference as it varies between flights

If an airline merges two short-haul flights into one longer route to optimize efficiency, what logic supports this decision?

  • Shorter flights are more popular with passengers
  • Combining flights can reduce overall operational costs
  • Longer flights require less fuel
  • Passengers prefer fewer options with more stopovers

A planner is assessing the average number of passengers per flight to decide whether to increase the frequency of a route. If the total number of passengers last month was 6,000 for 50 flights, what was the average number of passengers per flight?

  • 100 passengers
  • 120 passengers
  • 150 passengers
  • 180 passengers

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Air Europa Test Tips

Know Your Aircraft

The aviation sector is broad, but knowing the specifics can give you a leg up. For a carrier like Air Europa, being knowledgeable about their fleet, which includes models they fly to various destinations, could impress your examiners. Brush up on aircraft types, service classes, and safety procedures pertinent to their operations.

Understand the Airline's Destinations

Air Europa serves a diverse portfolio of destinations from local Spanish cities to the far reaches of North and South America, as well as parts of Africa and the Caribbean. Familiarize yourself with these routes, cultural implications, and travel patterns as it could be beneficial during the customer service scenario parts of the exams.

Review Airline Terminology

The language of the skies is universal, but every airline has its nuances. From aviation jargon to the specific terminologies that Air Europa might use in their day-to-day operations, make sure you're fluent to convey confidence and competence.

Practice Time Management

Exams often have a hefty time constraint, mimicking the fast-paced environment of the airline industry. With Careerroo's practice exams, get familiar with the pressure of timed tests. Understanding the rhythm of the exams can help you allocate your time effectively and avoid any last-minute stress.

Stay Calm and Composed

Just like in turbulent weather, keeping your cool during these exams is crucial. Strategies such as deep breathing can help manage exam nerves. Remember, it's about how you handle the situation. Practicing with Careerroo's tailored exams can give you that sense of calm familiarity when the actual test day arrives.

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Air Europa Test FAQs

How do I apply for Air Europa roles?

You can find all the open roles at Air Europa on the Globalia careers page, where you can search by job title and by location.

Do I need to speak another language?

Cabin crew at Air Europa should be fluent in English and Spanish. Pilots need to be fluent in English and have ICAO Spanish Level 6.

How long does it take to get hired at Air Europa?

The application process at Air Europa can be 4-8 weeks, but you will be kept up to date by the recruitment team and given plenty of notice to attend any in-person stages like interviews and assessment days.

What happens if I fail the Air Europa assessments?

If you fail the Air Europa assessments, your application will be terminated and you will not progress further in the process. However, you may be allowed to reapply at a later date and retake the assessments - speak to the recruiter to find out if this is possible for you.