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About Iberia

Part of the international airline group (IAG), Iberia is an aviation company that offers several services to customers and businesses. As the largest airline in Spain, the organization offers airline services to passengers and cargo transportation.

Iberia provides airport handling services in over 29 airports in Spain, dealing with checking in passengers and ground services such as luggage sorting and loading, aircraft pushback, and dispatching of flights by its flight coordination team. Iberia also provides maintenance services of their own and other airline aircraft when landing and leaving Spanish airports.

The company has been in operation since 1927 and is proud of its purpose in connecting the people of Spain with the rest of the world.

Its dedication to sustainability is evident from its commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 through the FlightPath Net Zero strategy. The company is focused on its social impact and commitment to its employees in achieving its long-term next-chapter strategy.

Roles at Iberia

Iberia offers several opportunities for students, recent graduates, and those with prior work experience. Those at university can apply for an Iberia scholarship enabling them to gain experience on projects at Iberia and develop their skills and knowledge of the aviation industry.

Recent graduates can join the Iberia graduate program. This is a 6-month opportunity where individuals work on projects within the organization with an option to extend their placement for up to 6 months.

Those with previous work experience can join Iberia in any of its teams, depending on the availability of vacancies. Individuals with prior experience in customer services or administration can join the company as administrative agents or auxiliary agents opportunities. These ground-based opportunities are focused on dealing with passengers and third-party vendors, ensuring administration concerning bookings or business operations is handled appropriately.

Iberia Culture, Values And Benefits

The company culture at Iberia is one of friendliness. The airline is well known for its professionalism and friendly working environment. The company fosters a culture of continuous development for its employees, encouraging skills development in their roles.

As an airline, Iberia is focused on innovation, working to its values of being customer focused, being a leader and a driver for change, in being decisive when setting long-term goals no matter how ambitious.

The company has set out a long-term vision called its ‘Plan for the Future,’ where it looks to achieve sustainable growth and increase its reputation within the national and international airline industry. Committed to equal opportunities and that of a multicultural workforce, Iberia emphasizes working together as a team as a dynamic and flexible workforce.

Employees at Iberia can enjoy a competitive salary and benefits package, including travel perks such as heavily discounted airfare to any destination the airline flies to and free tickets to entertainment events.

Iberia Application Process

All applications for roles at Iberia are taken online. Available roles are posted on the vacancies page, along with detail of the location and candidate requirements.

Iberia Online Application

The application process for roles at Iberia varies according to the position applied for. Student and graduate applicants email a copy of their resume, and those applying for experienced vacancies apply directly via their website using a resume or the noted application method. Candidates should include full contact details, information on prior work experience, and skills as relevant to the role applied for.

Iberia Video Interview

Those successful at the application stage are invited to attend a video interview. The interview is an opportunity for recruiters to better understand a candidate's skills and experience in relation to what is required for success in the role.

All video interviews are pre-recorded. That is, candidates are given a question, allowed a short time to prepare, then record their response to the question. Before the interview, it is essential to review the job description and the skills needed for the role, as questions may be asked on why the candidate believes they are suitable for the position.

Iberia Aptitude Tests

Depending on the role, candidates may be asked to take some of the following tests. These tests evaluate individuals on the essential abilities needed to perform the role effectively and safely.

Iberia Language Proficiency Test

As Iberia is a Spanish airline, proficiency in Spanish may be a requirement for some positions. In this test, an individual’s understanding of the Spanish language and vocabulary knowledge is assessed, including spoken words and phrases.

Candidates are also evaluated on the correct pronunciation of words. The test is essential for roles where liaising with customers is needed, for example, cabin crew or customer service positions.

Iberia Logical Reasoning Test

The logical reasoning test evaluates an individual's ability to make logical and reasoned decisions. The test used non-verbal information such as diagrams, shapes, or sequences.

Candidates need to determine the link or relationship between these pieces of information, then use what they have learned to select which of the multiple choice answers follows next.

As the test is a timed assessment, it also evaluates an individual's ability to work under pressure when making decisions.

This test is important when recruiting for roles such as cabin crew, pilots, or maintenance roles where logical decisions based on the information available are essential for the safety and security of passengers.

Iberia Situational Judgement Test

The situational judgment test is an important part of the recruitment process for many roles. The test evaluates how individuals react when faced with situations they are likely to face when working in the role.

The test takes the form of short scenarios followed by a list of statements. Candidates select which of the statements best represents the way they would react, behave or deal with the situation given.

As the test provides recruiters with a better understanding of how individuals deal with workplace situations, the test is commonly used when recruiting for roles such as cabin crew or pilots. This deeper insight into an individual's strengths and weaknesses ensures that recruiters select the best candidates for the role based on the skills and behaviors needed in the role.

Iberia Numerical Reasoning Test

In the numerical reasoning test, individuals are assessed on their ability to solve numerical-based problems. The test is a timed assessment also assessing candidates' ability to work quickly but accurately.

Questions in the test are given as tables, graphs, or charts. Candidates must analyze and interpret the information given. Then using their working knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts such as ratios, percentages, or fractions, calculate which of the given multiple-choice answers is correct.

Iberia Personality Test

The personality test is an evaluation of an individual's traits, characteristics, and behaviors as relevant to those needed for the role.

When recruiting for roles such as cabin crew or customer service, it is helpful for recruiters to better understand an individual's motivations and whether these fit the ethos and values of the company.

The personality questionnaire uses scenario-based questions to determine this information. Candidates are given a scenario along with a list of responses. They must rank or rate the responses according to how they are most likely and least likely to behave in the given situation. The test is timed, with a recommended time limit for completion.

Iberia Assessment Center

The Iberia assessment day comprises a series of assessments designed to evaluate candidates on the skills needed for the role. Assessment days are usually held for candidates applying for positions such as cabin crew and pilots.

The day comprises group-based activities such as group assessments and a role-play exercise. Candidates will also have basic checks such as a height and reach test (if applying for cabin crew positions).

The group exercises evaluate individuals' ability to work with others to reach a common goal. Candidates are given information to prepare individually, then to discuss with the group, ensuring that the group agrees on the recommendations proposed.

The role-playing element of the assessment day takes the form of a customer-based situation and is often conducted with another person in the group.

Candidate documentation, such as qualification information and eligibility to work in Spain, is also checked on the assessment day.

Candidates who have performed well on the assessment day are selected to attend the final interview. This interview is usually held on the same day as the assessment day. Interviews take up to 40 minutes and allow recruiters to gain further insight into an individual's skills and abilities as relevant to the role.

Candidates may also be asked questions about their knowledge of Iberia as an airline, why they want to work at the company, and why they believe they are suitable for the position.

Competency questions may also be asked about an individual's skills and how they have previously demonstrated them.


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Iberia Assessments FAQs

How difficult are Iberia assessments?

The Iberia assessments objectively evaluate an individual’s skills and abilities in relation to those needed for success in a role. Before taking any assessment, it is essential to practice the tests to become familiar with the format and style of questions in each test.

Why does Iberia use aptitude tests?

Iberia uses aptitude tests to objectively evaluate the candidate's skills and abilities relevant to the role's requirements. The test results are used to determine an individual's proficiency in these abilities and whether these meet the level needed for success in the role.

Can I fail the Iberia personality test?

The Iberia personality test has no pass or fail. The test evaluates whether an individual has the characteristics, traits, and values needed for a role. Candidates are given scenarios and then asked to rank or rate the responses based on how they would prefer to behave. Based on these responses, recruiters can see whether an individual is suited to the role they have applied for.

How can I prepare for the Ibeira assessments?

Practicing the tests is the best way to prepare for the Iberia assessments. Practicing enables you to become familiar with the format and the style of questions. When practicing, ensure you do so under timed conditions to simulate the time pressure you will feel when taking the test. This helps you understand how you react when under pressure.