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About United Airlines

It takes a lot of passion to work at United Airlines, with the average team member interacting with more than 1,000 people each day - it's essential you love social interactions with others and have a big heart for customer service.

If wearing the same uniform style every day and jet lag doesn't bother you, you might have what it takes to land your dream job at United Airlines.

Popular roles at United Airlines include:

  • Flight Attendant
  • Pilot
  • Engineer
  • Security
  • Food services
  • Aviation safety

United Airlines is one of the world's most recognizable global airlines with its HQ based in Chicago. It has a reputation for outstanding customer service and flies to 79 domestic destinations and 111 international destinations in 74 countries. UA's mission is to inspire employees and “help their customers create lasting memories and do great things”.

United Airlines Application Process

United Airlines receives 100's of applications so expect the recruitment process to be more competitive than most. It is therefore essential for candidates to do their homework on the airline and become familiar with the recruitment process to improve their confidence and chances for success.

Before applying it is recommended to read about the airline's values and mission:

  • Fly right
  • Fly friendly
  • Fly together
  • Fly above and beyond

United Airlines Online Application

To start the recruitment process you will need to apply for the role you are interested in online. Keep in mind the information you provide should always optimize the opportunity of showing off how you meet the airline's values throughout the process and highlight your understanding of what it takes to be a great employee for United.

It is also important to note that the process can take a few weeks to a few months to complete depending on the number of applications received.

Make sure your resume and cover letter are up-to-date and free from spelling or grammar errors.

You can also expect to be asked some job-specific questions so reviewing the job description is crucial to answering these questions well.

United Airlines Aptitude Tests

With the high volume of applications United Airlines receives, assessments are a data-driven and unbiased way to select top applicants who apply.

The United Airline assessments consist of aptitude tests which help hiring managers shortlist candidates based on their skills, traits, personality and performance. This guide should help you learn about the different tests and what you can expect from each.

You will need to be in the top 50% of test-takers to move forward into the next stages. The tests you take will depend on the position you've applied for.

The assessments include:

  • Personality Tests
  • Mechanical Test
  • Situational Judgement Test
  • Written Test

United Airlines Personality Tests

With such an emphasis on customer service and interaction with customers - personality traits are particularly important.

United often uses the Hogan personality testwhich assesses how an applicant would behave in certain work-based scenarios. The best approach to personality tests is to be truthful and honest with your answers. You should try to emphasise traits that reflect the United Airlines values - although there are no wrong answers it's important to be strategic.

United Airlines Mechanical Test

Depending on the role you apply for, you might be asked to take a mechanical test. This is specific to roles such as mechanics, pilots or engineering.

The test is based on different mechanical concepts so it's important to sharpen your knowledge in order to prepare for this test.

A basic understanding of electricity and simple machines including levers, pulleys, and gears will be important as well as relevant concepts and the ability to perform detailed calculations.

United Airlines Situational Judgement Test

Situational judgment tests (SJT) provide a number of realistic multi-choice questions based on how well you can judge different workplace scenarios - what your reactions will be and how they might reflect the values of the airline. The decisions you choose will determine if you best represent the values and goals of United Airlines. This is a timed test that is designed to be answered quickly.

United Airlines Written Test

The written test examines your abilities in a wide range of skills and aptitudes in situations where you might need to deal with customer service challenges and work at United Airlines. Each written test varies depending on the role you apply for. E-tray and In-tray exercises are good ways to practice to prepare for these.

United Airlines Video Interview

The next step in the application process is an online interview that is reviewed via a hiring manager for United Airlines. If you're successful at the online video interview, you'll fly to one of the airline's recruitment hub destinations for a one-to-one interview.

United Airlines One-on-One Interview

The one-on-one interview is an essential stage you should really prepare for. It is your chance to show your potential future employer why you should work for United Airlines. You will be asked different behavioural and situational questions and how your experience will impact your work at United Airlines.

Depending on the role you have applied for, you might have to interview in front of a multi-person panel.

Successful applicants will be invited to a six-week training program that involves understanding the operating/safety procedures for 7+ aircraft.

United Airlines 6 Week Training

If you pass the recruitment stages you'll be invited to a 6-week training program where you will be tested on your customer service skills as well as if you can successfully learn and perform all of United's safety procedures. Team-work is also essential during the 6 weeks.

Once the 6 weeks are up, you'll be ready to fly with United Airlines.

Sample United Airlines Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

After reading a report on customer feedback, the flight services manager notes that passengers on long-haul flights often experience discomfort due to limited legroom. Which of the following suggestions would be most effective to address this concern?

  • Providing extra pillows and blankets to improve comfort
  • Reconfiguring seating to allow additional legroom in a specific class
  • Increasing the frequency of in-flight services to distract passengers from the discomfort
  • Playing soothing music during the flight

If you apply a force of 10 N to a lever at a distance of 4 meters from the fulcrum, what is the minimum force required at a distance of 5 meters on the opposite side to achieve equilibrium?

  • 8 N
  • 20 N
  • 10 N
  • 5 N

In an aircraft hydraulic system, what happens to the pressure if the diameter of the master cylinder is doubled, assuming force applied to the cylinder remains unchanged?

  • It quadruples
  • It halves
  • It remains the same
  • It doubles

A baggage handling system uses an electrically powered conveyor with a mechanical efficiency of 80%. If the motor provides an input power of 5 kW, what is the power output of the conveyor?

  • 4 kW
  • 5 kW
  • 6.25 kW
  • 4.5 kW

During a pre-flight announcement, the flight attendant states: 'In the unlikely event of a cabin depressurization, oxygen masks will be released from the panel above your head. Please secure your own mask before assisting others.' What is the primary intent of this instruction?

  • To prioritize crew safety over passengers
  • To ensure everyone is attended to by the flight crew
  • To maximize the overall safety of passengers by ensuring you can assist others
  • To comply with federal regulations on safety procedures

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United Airlines Assessments Tips

Get Comfortable with the Basics

Before you can soar with the eagles at United Airlines, you gotta understand the fundamental principles of customer service and teamwork. Remember, practice doesn't make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. Review common terms, protocols, and scenarios you might encounter in the aviation sector. That way, you'll not just be answering questions; you'll be showcasing your seamless fit into the United family.

Simulate Real Test Conditions

There's no better way to feel confident than to know exactly what you're walking into. With Careerroo, you can get a feel for the types of tests United Airlines might throw your way. Put yourself in 'exam mode' - find a calm space, set a timer, and go through our practice exams as if it's the real deal. The more you mimic the actual test environment, the less intimidating it will be on the big day.

Pace Yourself

It's a marathon, not a sprint - and that especially applies to job testing. Time management is just as important as getting the right answers. So, learn to balance speed with accuracy. Break down the allotted time by section and question. Get a feel for the rhythm of answering at a comfortable yet consistent pace. After all, being a pro at pacing is essential for making it in the fast-moving airline industry.

Analyze and Adapt

Learning from each practice test you take can be as vital as the test itself. At Careerroo, we provide you with detailed feedback on your practice tests, so spot those tricky areas you need to work on. Take each mistake as a learning opportunity and adjust your approach. When it comes time to take the exam for United Airlines, you'll be turning turbulence into smooth skies.

Keep Your Cool

The pressure can mount up, and not just in the airplane cabin. On exam day, keep your nerves in check just like you would in a real-world airline crisis. Take deep breaths, stay positive, and focus on one question at a time. Staying calm under pressure is a must-have quality for any United Airlines team member, and it starts with how you handle the practice exams on Careerroo.

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United Airlines Assessments FAQs

How can I do well on the United Airlines personality tests?

To do well on the United Airlines personality tests, be honest and consistent in your responses, familiarize yourself with the company's values, and reflect on how your traits align with the job's demands.

What are United Airlines' core values?

United Airlines care about bringing people together and are committed to aiming high and looking to the future. They believe in collaborative leadership and look for employees who are purpose-driven and action-oriented.

How can I prepare for the United Airlines assessments?

You can practice free United Airlines assessments using our online platform. Practicing tests will help you become familiar with the test format and gradually improve your score.