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About Finnair

Finnair is the flag carrier and largest airline of Finland, with its headquarters in Vantaa on the grounds of Helsinki Airport, and its main hub at Helsinki Airport. The airline flies to over 60 destinations in 30 countries around the world, with a strong focus on Europe. In 2015, Finnair was ranked as the ninth-safest airline in the world by JACDEC.

Finnair is a member of the Oneworld alliance, and has codeshare agreements with a number of airlines, including American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Eva Air, Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airlines. The airline is owned by the Finnish government (55%), Finnair Oyj (31%), and Nordic Aviation Capital (14%).

Roles at Finnair

Finnair is a great place to work for many reasons. The airline offers many opportunities for career growth and development. There are also a number of different roles available at Finnair, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

One of the great things about working at Finnair is the ability to move up within the company. There are many different levels of management, and employees are often able to move into higher-level positions as they gain experience. This makes it a great place to build a long-term career.

There are also a number of different roles available at Finnair. Whether you're interested in customer service, flight crews, or ground staff, there is sure to be a position that's right for you. And, because Finnair is such a large airline, there are always opportunities for advancement and new challenges.

Finnair Culture, Values And Benefits

Finnair is an airline that is known for its excellent customer service. The company has a strong culture and set of values that are evident in the way they treat their employees.

One of the benefits of working at Finnair is the opportunity to travel. The company offers its employees free or discounted tickets on many routes, which is a great perk for those who love to travel. In addition to this, Finnair also offers competitive salaries and benefits packages.

The company also offers a competitive salary, bonuses, and stock options.

Overall, working at Finnair is a great experience for those who are looking for an employer that values its employees and offers great benefits.

Finnair Application Process

If you're interested in working for Finnair, here's what you need to know about the job application process.

Finnair Online Application

The first step is to visit the Finnair website and create an account. From there, you can search for open positions and apply for the ones that interest you.

When applying for a position, be sure to include your CV and a cover letter. In your cover letter, be sure to highlight your skills and any experience you have working in the airline industry.

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by a recruiter.

Finnair Aptitude Tests

The airline industry is a competitive one. So when it comes to hiring new employees, companies want to make sure they're hiring top talent. That's where aptitude tests come in. And for Finnair, these tests are no joke.

Finnair uses a variety of aptitude tests to assess potential candidates for employment. These tests measure everything from cognitive abilities to physical capabilities. And they're not easy to pass. In fact, less than 1% of applicants who take the Finnair aptitude tests are offered a job with the company.

So what can you do to increase your chances of being one of the few who pass? First, familiarize yourself with the types of aptitude tests that are commonly used by airlines. Then, practice, practice, practice.

Finnair uses an aptitude test publisher called Cut-E to help it select new pilots and crew members. The test, which takes about two hours to complete, measures a range of skills and attributes including memory, reaction time, multitasking, and situational awareness. The tests will be tailored to your job-specific role.

Below is a list of possible aptitude tests you might need to prepare for during the pre-screening process.

Finnair Verbal Reasoning Test

A verbal reasoning test is a type of aptitude test that measures an individual's ability to reason using words. The test usually takes the form of a multiple-choice questionnaire, and may be administered either in written or spoken format.

Finnair Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests are a type of aptitude test that assesses your ability to interpret and solve numerical problems. They are commonly used by airlines as part of the selection process for roles that require strong mathematical skills.

The format of numerical reasoning tests can vary, but they usually involve solving problems by manipulating numerical data presented in graphs or tables. within a set time limit. The questions often get progressively more difficult as you work through the test.

Finnair Inductive Reasoning / Logical Reasoning Test

An inductive reasoning or logical reasoning test is a type of aptitude test that is widely used to assess candidate's skills, including critical thinking and problem-solving.

The format of the test usually consists of a series of multiple-choice questions, with each question presenting a short passage of text followed by one or more possible answers. The test-taker must then select the answer that they believe is most correct.

Logical reasoning tests are often used to assess candidates for roles that require strong analytical skills, such as research positions or jobs in finance.

The test usually consists of a series of questions, each with a set of premises and a conclusion. The candidate must then determine whether the conclusion is valid based on the given premises.

Additionally, logical reasoning tests can be used to evaluate how well a candidate performs under pressure, as they are typically timed..

Finnair Deductive Reasoning Tests

Deductive reasoning tests assess an individual's ability to reason logically from a set of given premises to a specific conclusion.

Deductive reasoning tests are used as a way to screen candidates for jobs that require strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Finnair Mechanical Reasoning Tests

A mechanical reasoning test is a type of aptitude test that is often used by employers to help assess whether a job applicant has the necessary skills to be successful in a role that requires strong mechanical abilities. The test usually takes the form of multiple-choice questions, and may cover topics such as pulleys, levers, gears, and simple machines.

While there is no one specific format for a mechanical reasoning test, they all aim to gauge an individual's ability to understand and apply basic principles of mechanics. This can be important in roles where an individual might need to fix or maintain machinery, or troubleshoot issues that arise.

The format of the mechanical reasoning test is simple. There are a series of questions that ask you to identify the best course of action to take in a given scenario. The questions are designed to assess your ability to reason through problems and find solutions.

Finnair Personality Questionnaire

The Cut-e personality questionnaire is a popular assessment for Finnair to get to know its employees better. The format of the questionnaire is simple and concise, and it takes only a few minutes to complete.

By understanding the personality types of their employees, employers can better assign tasks and roles within the company.

Try to answer honestly as there are no right or wrong answers, but be strategic with your approach and consider the company's values.

Finnair Situational Judgement Test

The situational judgement tests (SJT) is a type of aptitude test that is used to evaluate a person's ability to make judgments in different situations.

The SJT consists of a series of scenarios that describe different situations. For each scenario, the test taker is asked to choose the best course of action from a set of options. The options are designed to assess different aspects of the test taker's judgment, such as their ability to make decisions under pressure, their ability to solve problems, and their ability to understand the perspectives of others.

The SJT is commonly used by airlines as a way to screen job applicants.

Finnair Spatial Reasoning Test

Spatial reasoning tests are a type of aptitude test that measures an individual's ability to visualize and manipulate two- and three-dimensional objects.

The format of a spatial reasoning test may vary, but generally, the test taker is presented with a figure or objects and asked to mentally manipulate them in some way (rotate, reflect, etc.). The goal of the test is to measure an individual's ability to think abstractly and solve problems using visual cues.

Spatial reasoning tests are often used as part of selection processes for jobs that require strong problem-solving skills, such as engineering or piloting a plane.

Finnair Interview and In-person Group Task

If you successfully complete your online assessment you may be invited to an interview and in-person group task.

The interviewer will ask you questions about your experience and skills, as well as why you're interested in working for Finnair. They'll also be looking to see if you fit in with the company culture.

After the interview, you'll be asked to complete a group task with other candidates. This is an opportunity for the interviewer to see how well you work in a team and how you handle pressure.

Overall, the interview process at Finnair is relatively straightforward. However, it's important to be prepared and come to the interview with confidence.


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Finnair Assessments FAQs

What are the requirements to apply for a cabin crew position?

Cabin crew position requirements may vary but often include a minimum age, height, and arms reach, fluency in English, good health and fitness, and strong customer service skills.

What's the Finnair training like?

Finnair training typically covers safety, first aid, customer service, and teamwork, combining classroom sessions, hands-on training, and in-flight practice.

How can I prepare for the Finnair assessments?

You can practice free Finnair assessments using our online platform. Practicing tests will help you become familiar with the test format and gradually improve your score.