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About Eurowings

Eurowings is an airline headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was founded in 1996 and is the largest German low-cost carrier, serving destinations across Europe and beyond. The airline operates a fleet of more than 120 modern aircraft, including both short- and long-haul jets from its main bases at Cologne Bonn Airport and Stuttgart Airport.

Eurowings serves over 180 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, with regular flights to major cities such as London, Vienna, Prague and Barcelona.

Roles at Eurowings

Eurowings is an employer of choice for many job seekers looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career in the airline industry. The German-based company provides exciting opportunities to work in a number of roles. With a range of job types available, employees can find something to suit their individual needs and interests.

From cabin crew members to maintenance engineers, Eurowings has plenty of options for those seeking employment. Working with Eurowings allows employees to choose from different positions in both the cockpit or cabin, enabling them to gain valuable experience on board aircrafts.

Those working as part of the cabin crew team will get the chance to interact with passengers and offer services such as food and beverages during flights whilst also helping out with safety demonstrations and other duties as required.

Eurowings Culture, Values And Benefits

Eurowings is an employer committed to providing its employees with a safe and enjoyable work environment. The company emphasizes a culture of respect, collaboration, and innovation.

Eurowings values diversity and inclusion in the workplace, recognizing that different perspectives can lead to better solutions. Employees are encouraged to develop their skills through educational opportunities such as webinars and seminars.

Being a part of the Eurowings team also offers numerous benefits, including competitive salaries, flexible hours, and generous health care packages.

Additionally, Eurowings provides staff members with employee assistance programs designed to help manage stress levels outside the office. The organization also offers plans for retirement savings as well as tuition reimbursement for eligible employees who decide to further their education.

Eurowings Application Process

As the largest airline in Germany, Eurowings offers a variety of career paths and positions within its organization. In order to apply for any of these open positions, applicants must first understand the application process.

Eurowings Online Application

The application process for jobs at Eurowings begins with creating an online profile on their website.

Applicants must provide their personal data such as name, address, date of birth, contact details and other relevant information before they can search and view available job openings. Additionally, applicants should upload any relevant documents like resumes or cover letters when they submit the form. Once this is done, they can start searching and applying for vacant roles within the company.

Before submitting your application, it's important to take some time to review all of the requirements listed for each position.

Once you've made sure that your qualifications are up-to-date, go ahead and submit your materials online. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, it's advised that you double-check all of the information contained in the form before you submit it.

Eurowings Assessment Day

If your application is successful you may be invited to an assessment day with Eurowings.

Typically the assessment day will include:

  • Registration
  • A height and tattoo check
  • Presentations by Eurowings employees
  • Group exercises (Icebreakers and group tasks/discussions
  • Interactive exercises, which could involve aptitude tests

Eurowings Group Exercises

The Eurowings group exercises are designed to give employers a better understanding of how well applicants understand and can handle various tasks that may arise during their job duties.

The format of these interviews consists of several different components such as team-building activities, problem-solving scenarios and group activities.

Group activities provide an opportunity for candidates to showcase their ability to work collaboratively with others while still displaying independent thought and judgement.

Eurowings Aptitude tests

Eurowings Personality test

The Eurowings personality test is a useful tool to assess potential employees applying for roles at the airline. Developed in cooperation with renowned psychologists, the test can determine whether an individual has the personality traits needed to be successful in a particular role within the company.

The test is designed to evaluate certain interpersonal characteristics, such as communication skills, problem-solving ability and teamwork skills. It also evaluates other qualities that are important for customer service and cabin crew roles, such as social intelligence, empathy and resilience. The personality test usually consists of multiple-choice questions that are answered on a scale from one to five; depending on how well you answer each question, different scores will be assigned.

By using this type of assessment method, Eurowings can ensure that applicants have all the necessary skills required for any given role.

Eurowings Situational Judgment Test

Eurowings situational judgment test is used by the airline to evaluate applicants' problem-solving skills, decision-making abilities and overall suitability for the job. The test measures how well an applicant would handle typical situations they may encounter while working as a flight attendant at Eurowings. It assesses their ability to work in various environments with different types of people, including passengers and crew members.

The situational judgment test consists of multiple-choice questions with common scenarios relevant to the role of a flight attendant at Eurowings. For each scenario presented, candidates must select from multiple possible responses that best reflect their own expected response in such a situation. The questions are designed to measure an applicant's understanding of the job duties and responsibilities, as well as how they will react when faced with certain situations.

Eurowings Spatial Reasoning Test

The spatial reasoning test is an aptitude test used to assess potential candidates on the ability to interpret, analyze and problem-solve by using spatial reasoning. The test is typically administered as part of the airline's pre-employment selection process to determine a candidate's potential job performance.

It consists of multiple-choice questions that require participants to identify patterns, visualize objects, and manipulate them in two or three dimensions.

It usually takes between ten to fifteen minutes to complete this timed assessment and must be completed within the allotted time frame. Additionally, there may be some questions where participants are asked to identify relationships between shapes or objects to arrive at a correct answer.

This type of test is typically given to pilots and engineering applicants.

Eurowings Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests can help identify those individuals who possess strong mental and quantitative abilities.

The format of a numerical reasoning test typically involves multiple-choice questions which require participants to interpret information either in tables, diagrams or word problems. This data needs to be analysed quickly and accurately in order to come up with a conclusion or solution based on logical deduction. As such, these tests are designed to measure an individual's ability to make quick decisions under pressure as well as their capacity for critical thinking.

Eurowings Verbal Reasoning Test

Eurowings verbal reasoning test evaluates problem-solving and analytical skills of potential candidates, which are essential qualities needed to work in an airline.

The test usually consists of 30-40 questions designed to measure the ability of an individual to understand complex written passages and draw logical conclusions from them. These questions can cover multiple topics such as history, cultures, politics and science. Participants are asked to answer each question within a specific time limit.

The reason why airlines like Eurowings use these tests is because they provide employers with valuable insight into whether or not someone has the necessary skills to be successful in their position.

Eurowings Interviews

The format for the Eurowing interview varies depending on what type of role you apply for.

When interviewing for an airline job, it is important to be prepared. Knowing what to expect during the interview process can help you make a good impression and improve your chances of getting the job. It is helpful to understand the general format of the interview and some typical questions that may be asked.

The first stage is usually a screening interview with a human resources representative which generally consists of basic questions such as "Why are you interested in this position?" and "What experience do you have in the aviation industry?"

After this initial phone or video call, successful candidates may progress to a second round with individuals who are more closely related to the position they are applying for such as flight operations managers or hiring managers.

The final stage is a 1:1 interview which will typically occur during the assessment day. The questions are typically behavioral style which is best structured using the STAR method (situation, task, action, and result).

Sample Eurowings Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

In the last quarter, an airline's on-time departure rate was 90%. If it operated 1000 flights during the quarter, how many flights left on time?

  • 100
  • 900
  • 9000
  • 1000

An airline company's press release stated, 'Despite a turbulent year, we managed to expand our operations, opening up two new European routes and increasing the frequency of flights to major business hubs.' Based on this statement, what is the company's current situation?

  • The company has faced challenges but is growing.
  • The company is on the brink of bankruptcy.
  • The company has experienced a smooth and profitable year.
  • The company has discontinued some of its flight routes.

During a staff meeting, an executive says, 'If we enhance our in-flight service, customer satisfaction will likely increase, leading to more repeat customers.' What can be inferred from this statement?

  • Improved services will have no impact on customer satisfaction.
  • The executive believes there is a correlation between the in-flight service quality and customer loyalty.
  • Frequent flyers are less prioritized by the airline's current strategy.
  • Customer satisfaction is not considered important by the airline.

A maintenance log shows an abnormal increase in technical faults in aircraft models built more than 10 years ago compared to newer ones. What should the airline ideally do?

  • Increase the number of flights for older aircraft models to maximize their usage.
  • Invest in modern models or increase the maintenance frequency for older aircraft.
  • Discontinue all modern aircraft models to cut down on expenses.
  • Ignore the maintenance logs and continue operations as usual.

A flight from Paris to Vienna is 75% booked. Each row on the plane has 6 seats, and there are 25 rows. How many seats are currently empty?

  • 45
  • 90
  • 150
  • 30

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Eurowings Assessments Tips

Get to Know Eurowings

Familiarity breeds confidence! Spend some time on the Eurowings website and learn about their history, values, and destinations. The more you know about Eurowings, the more comfortable you’ll feel when tackling scenario-based questions that pertain to their operations.

Understand the Role

Before you start practicing, understand what roles at Eurowings entail. Job specifics can greatly influence the type of questions you’ll encounter. For instance, a pilot will face different technical assessments compared to a customer service representative.

Mimic Exam Conditions

Try to simulate test conditions when you practice. If you can practice in a quiet, uninterrupted environment, you'll be better prepared for the actual assessment. Time yourself as well to get used to the pressure of completing tasks within a time limit.

Review Basics

Especially pertinent for technical roles, make sure you've brushed up on necessary skills or knowledge that the test might cover. This might include geographical knowledge, aviation regulations, or customer service protocols, depending on the job you're applying for.

Use Available Resources

Here at Careerroo, we have tailored practice exams that reflect the types of tests you might face during the Eurowings application process. Utilize these resources to gain an edge and enter your testing day with confidence.

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Eurowings Assessments FAQs

What is a Eurowings cabin crew salary?

The exact salary for Eurowings cabin crew members depends on several factors, including experience and location. Generally speaking, entry-level wages start at around €1,450 per month plus allowances and overtime pay.

This figure can increase with experience up to €2,300 per month depending on seniority and performance ratings. On top of this base wage, there are also various other benefits such as free flights, accommodation allowance and travel privileges that come with working as part of Eurowings' cabin crew team.

Are Eurowings aptitude tests difficult to pass?

The aptitude test consists of questions about general knowledge, logical reasoning and mathematics. This can be difficult for applicants who aren't familiar with how the test works or haven't practiced prior to taking it.

It is important for applicants to take their time and read each question carefully before answering them. The more prepared they are, the better their chances of passing this exam will be.

What is a Eurowings pilot salary?

On average, pilots in Germany can expect to earn €90,000 per year while those based in other countries may earn slightly less or more depending on their job description.

In addition to a base salary, Eurowings pilots can receive additional compensation from overtime flying hours, flight planning services and performance bonuses. Generally speaking, higher salaries are associated with larger aircrafts such as long-haul jets and those that require extra fuel capacity due to extended distances.

What are the Eurowings cabin crew requirements?

When it comes to working as a cabin crew member for Eurowings, there are some specific requirements that must be met before you can go ahead and join the team.

First of all, applicants must be at least 18 years old and have the necessary qualifications from a recognized travel school or similar educational institution. They must also pass an initial medical examination to prove their fitness for duty. Furthermore, candidates must possess excellent customer service skills and demonstrate fluency in both English and German languages.

Where can I practice free Eurowings assessments?

You can try a free practice test for Eurowings here.