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About Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is a national carrier of the United Arab Emirates and part of the Etihad Aviation Group. It was founded in 2003 and operates a fleet of large Boeing and Airbus aircrafts. Its services span the world including Asia, Australia, and Europe. More than just a commercial airline, Etihad has significant revenue streams through its cargo operation (Etihad Crystal Cargo) as well as flying passengers to sought-after destinations around the globe.

If you are looking to land your dream job at Etihad, you can use this guide to help support you during the recruitment process, practice tests and learn more about Etihad's hiring format.

Etihad Airways Application Process

Etihad's recruiters aim to select the best talent in the world - they are looking for candidates passionate about aviation and who wish to help them deliver a unique travel experience to passengers. From Cabin Crew and Pilots to flight instructors and ground crew there is a range of opportunities and careers with Etihad.

Etihad believes that recruitment is a two-way process - a chance for both employer and applicant to get a sense of working together is right for both parties. Etihad's recruitment process involves three key steps:

  1. Online Application

  2. Screening

  3. Assessment

Etihad Online Application

To apply to Etihad you should head to their official website and search for the relevant career opportunities in the role you wish to apply for. The application is simple but thorough and aims to capture your interests and skills.

According to Etihad, you should try to think about the following before applying:

  • Do you have a long-term career plan?
  • Does the role you're applying to meet this career plan?
  • Do you meet the role requirements?
  • Can you commit to living in the location?
  • Can you commit to the recruitment process?

The above questions should help you realise if moving forward with an application is the right thing to do (a strong yes is ideal for each question).

Etihad Telephone Screening

After you've submitted your application, if it's successful you'll move to the screening part of the recruitment process. Etihad will select the top profiles from its applicants and organise a telephone call where they will ask you questions about your application and find out further details to assess if you might be suitable for the role.

If you pass the screening call, your profile is then forwarded to a hiring manager for further review.

Etihad Aptitude Tests

Once your screening call is passed you can expect to be invited to take part in an Etihad assessment. This assessment is the most challenging part of the application and has been designed to understand if you are a good culture fit, if you meet the values of Etihad, as well as your own ways of working.

The three sections of the assessment test you in the following areas:

  • Technical Skills
  • Business Skills
  • Motivations

Technical Skills

This is an assessment of your technical abilities and skills in the role you've applied for. It's advised to refresh your memory on any specific areas you've previously worked on and be ready to articulate how your experience matches the criteria.

Business Skills

The business skills section is an assessment of the way you work and how well you might fit in with the culture and values of Etihad e.g. its corporate behaviour and mission.

Etihad Motivations

The motivation section is all about you and what drives you to work - more specifically, why do you want to work for Etihad and the reasons for your interest in the particular role. It's important to have thoughtful answers for these as you will be asked about them.

Depending on which role you apply for you can expect the following assessments:

  1. English Language Test

  2. Verbal, Numeric & Abstract Reasoning Tests

  3. Psychometric Profile

  4. Competency Interviews

  5. Business Tests

English Language Test

There is a requirement to be able to pass an English language test in order to interact with customers, colleagues and partners across the business. The test is based on your English language proficiency. Anyone who might struggle with English should ensure they practice for the test and improve their English.

Verbal, Numeric & Abstract Reasoning Tests

The verbal reasoning test is used by Etihad to examine an applicant's ability to comprehend passages of text and pull out key information. You must draw conclusions from the text and answer multiple-choice questions based on it.

The numerical reasoning test assesses your ability to comprehend numerical data in the form of graphs and charts. You will need to use the information provided in order to answer multiple-choice questions.

The abstract reasoning test assesses your logical ability and how you think about problems and can solve them. You are provided with a collection of shapes and patterns and must determine the recurring theme to solve it. These can be quite challenging - particularly when they are timed so do ensure you've practiced many and have developed your own strategy to solve them.

Psychometric Profile

The psychometric profile is a questionnaire that helps Etihad understand how you work. There are no right or wrong answers, however, Etihad may have an idea of the type of profile that they are looking for in order for an employee to thrive in the role - so keep this in mind when completing it.

Competency Interviews

Competency interviews are used to evaluate your different job skills and motivations. You should always try to give real-life examples of how you've demonstrated particular skills in a previous role. This might involve some prep work before the interview by listing your examples.

Business Tests

This is a role-specific test that will challenge your ability within the role itself. The best way to prepare for these tests is to read the activity details thoroughly, stay calm and think about the logical steps you should take to complete the task.

Sample Etihad Airways question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

Consider an employee has been working in the aviation sector for several years. The employee is adept at identifying non-standard events and generating innovative solutions to complex problems. This capability is an indication of what type of reasoning?

  • Concrete reasoning
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Sequential reasoning

A company policy states that pilots must have a minimum of 1000 flight hours to be considered for promotion. An email to the pilot union indicates a proposed policy change that would include additional training hours as part of the calculation. Which statement best describes the implication of the proposed policy change?

  • Pilots will need to accumulate more flight hours to be considered for promotion.
  • Pilots will be able to include training hours towards the minimum requirement for promotion, potentially reducing the flight hour requirement.
  • The email suggests that pilot promotions will be based solely on training hours in the future.
  • Promotions will be granted immediately to pilots who have existing training hours.

An airline's marketing team designs a survey to understand the preferences of customers. Out of 500 surveyed passengers, 300 prefer early morning flights over late-night flights. What percentage of the surveyed passengers prefer early morning flights?

  • 60%
  • 40%
  • 50%
  • 75%

During a strategic meeting, the finance division reported that fuel costs represent 30% of the airline's operational costs. If the airline's total operational costs are $200 million, what is the cost of fuel?

  • $60 million
  • $30 million
  • $90 million
  • $120 million

In an initiative to improve service quality, an aviation company introduces a new training program for its cabin crew. The program focuses on interpersonal skills, emergency procedures, and culinary presentation. Which skills gap is the program designed to address?

  • Technical and engineering skills
  • Customer service and safety skills
  • Flight operation and navigation skills
  • Cargo handling and management skills

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Etihad Airways Tips

Know Your Aircraft

Being familiar with the different types of aircraft that Etihad Airways operates is crucial. Spend some time on the Careerroo platform getting to know the specifics of Boeing and Airbus models. This knowledge will show your passion for aviation and your dedication to being well-prepared for your role in the company.

Brush Up on Geography

Etihad Airways flies across the globe, so having a good grasp of world geography can be a significant asset. Understanding the major routes, including those to Asia, Australia, and Europe, could give you an edge during the testing process. Use the practice tests on Careerroo to familiarize yourself with key locations and time zones.

Understand Airline Terminology

Every industry has its jargon, and aviation is no different. To ace your exams, make sure you're fluent in airline terminology. Careerroo offers resources to help you master the language of the skies so that you can confidently answer any exam question thrown your way.

Stay Calm Under Pressure

Working for a prestigious airline like Etihad means being able to stay calm during stressful situations. Practice exams simulate the pressure of the real test environment. Make use of the timed tests on Careerroo to enhance your ability to maintain composure and decision-making skills when it matters most.

Polish Your Customer Service Skills

Etihad Airways prides itself on exceptional customer service. While technical knowledge is important, don't forget to prepare for customer service scenario-based questions. Careerroo has practice exams that can help you think on your feet and put your best foot forward in proving your customer service prowess.

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Etihad Airways FAQs

What questions does Etihad ask during the screening call?

Etihad may ask questions about your work experience, availability, language skills, and motivation to join the company during the screening call.

Is there a dress code for the assessment day?

For assessment days, it's generally recommended to dress in professional business attire to make a good impression.

How can I prepare for the Etihad assessments?

You can practice free Etihad assessments using our online platform. Practicing tests will help you become familiar with the test format and gradually improve your score.