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About Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is an Irish airline company that was founded in 1936 by the Irish government and is the flag carrier of Ireland. There are currently 4,500 employees including pilots, cabin crew, and ground staff who help to “connect Ireland to the world.”

It is the second largest Irish airline behind Ryanair, carrying 11 million passengers in 2019. As of 2020, it flies to 93 destinations across Europe, North America, UAE, and the Canary Islands with a fleet of 53 aircrafts. The company also has codeshare agreements with a number of airlines such as Air Canada, British Airways, KLM, and Iberia, to service over 100 more destinations.

Aer Lingus Application Process

Aer Lingus has a range of career opportunities, both on the ground in roles such as guest relations, engineering, baggage handling, and catering, and in the air as cabin crew and pilots.

The recruitment process differs slightly depending on which role you are applying for, however, for cabin crew and pilots, you can expect similar steps: an online application, screening assessments, and telephone and in-person interviews.

If there are no vacancies in the sector that you are interested in, Aer Lingus also offer the ability to apply speculatively or express interest in certain roles. This means that when they have availability in that area, your application will be given priority in the process.

Aer Lingus Online Application

Once you have found a position you are interested in on the Aer Lingus vacancies page and checked that you meet the minimum requirements, then you can submit your CV and basic information.

Every staff member needs to be cleared for unrestricted travel and pass Aer Lingus' security procedure, but there are a number of other essential requirements that must be met. If you are applying for a cabin crew position, it is important to thoroughly check these as they include limitations on height and minimum fitness requirements.

Aer Lingus Telephone Interview

The first stage is a remote interview, this may be done over the telephone or as a video interview. Regardless of which kind you are asked to complete, the interviews are designed to find out the same kind of information, which includes:

  • Check details on your application.
  • Understand more about why you applied.
  • Understand why you are interested in the job.
  • Find out more about your skills, experience, and qualifications.
  • Check that your expectations meet our needs.

Although this interview will not be as in-depth as the later stage one, it is still important to show you have thoroughly researched the position and its requirements.

Aer Lingus Interviews

The next stage is a face-to-face interview, which is usually held at the Aer Lingus headquarters in Dublin.

This interview will be a mix of competency and motivational questions to find out more about why you want to work for Aer Lingus and if you are suitable for the role. Common questions are about your knowledge of Aer Lingus, how you have handled a challenging situation, and what you believe you would bring to the team.

Aer Lingus have five core values:

  • Team
  • Humanity
  • Performance
  • Courage
  • Honesty

Try to demonstrate how you embody these values through previous experience and an understanding of how they would inform your work at Aer Lingus.

Aer Lingus Aptitude Tests

There are a number of assessments and tests that are given to screen for required skills. All of the tests are given online, so you are able to complete them at home, and more information will be emailed to you when your application is processed.

Aer Lingus Verbal Reasoning Test

Aer Lingus often use a verbal reasoning or spelling test, which is designed to assess your level of written communication. It is extremely important that staff have a high level of literacy and strong communication skills, so this test is usually given as a screening tool early in the process.

Aer Lingus Numerical Reasoning Test

For many jobs in aviation, numerical literacy is an essential skill. Therefore, it is very likely that you will be given a numerical reasoning test as part of your screening assessments. These tests gauge your ability to work with numerical data and interpret information from graphs and charts, as well as concepts such as currency conversion, meeting sales targets, and scheduling.

Aer Lingus Behaviour/Personality Test

Personality and behavioural assessments are growing in popularity, especially in high pressure jobs such as pilots and cabin crew. These are not tests as such, but questionnaires that are designed to gauge your personality traits, work style, and career motivations, which can show if you have the suitable temperament for a particular role.

Often, employers like to use situational judgement tests to get a better understanding of how you might perform while on the job. This kind of test will present you with hypothetical workplace scenarios, particularly stressful ones, and ask you to rank responses according to which you think is most appropriate. As this concentrates on your interpersonal and decision making skills, they are a good indicator of your communication style and stress responses.

Aer Lingus Pilot tests

Pilots are required to take a number of tests, including a flight simulator.

For the direct entry pilot programme, Aer Lingus gives 3 initial online assessments, which take 2-3 hours to complete. You will receive more information about these assessments when they are given, but it is a good idea to start preparing as early as possible.

As well as numerical and verbal reasoning, try practicing spatial reasoning to demonstrate bearings, orientation, and perspective.

Sample Aer Lingus Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /6

In the grid below, one box is missing. You must work out what rules are being applied in the other boxes in order to work out which of boxes A to F will complete the grid.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F

Imagine being in charge of scheduling flights across multiple time zones. If Flight A departs from Dublin at 3 PM GMT and the flight duration is 7 hours, what is the local arrival time at its destination 5 time zones away?

  • 5 PM local time
  • 8 PM local time
  • 10 PM local time
  • 12 AM local time

During a pre-flight check, a pilot analyzes the weather patterns for potential turbulence. Given that the upcoming region has rapidly dropping air pressure, what should be anticipated?

  • Clear skies
  • Stable air conditions
  • Increased chance of precipitation
  • Potential for turbulent weather

A ground staff member notices an irregularity in the cargo loading process and must determine its impact on flight stability. If the cargo is predominantly placed at the tail of the aircraft, how might this affect the plane’s balance?

  • Increase the nose-up attitude
  • Decrease the nose-up attitude
  • No impact on balance
  • Balance is only affected by passengers, not cargo

A cabin crew is explaining the emergency procedures to passengers. Which logical sequence of steps should be followed when instructing on the use of oxygen masks?

  • Stop the safety video, assist others, secure your mask
  • Secure your mask, assist others, listen to the crew instructions
  • Contact the pilot, secure your mask, help others
  • Secure your mask, watch the safety video, assist others

In preparing a press release, what should the airline’s communication team primarily focus on to maintain the brand's reputation during an operational hiccup?

  • Highlighting competitor's faults
  • Emphasizing the statistical rarity of the incident
  • Outlining the steps taken to resolve the situation promptly and safely
  • Offering discounts for future flights

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Aer Lingus Assessments Tips

Understand the Format

Familiarize yourself with the types of questions you may encounter on the exam to avoid surprises. Knowing the structure beforehand can greatly boost your confidence.

Practice Regularly

Regular practice can significantly improve your performance. Set aside time each day to work on sample questions and review the material.

Stay Calm and Focused

During the exam, it is crucial to remain calm and collected. Work through each question methodically and don't rush.

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Review and Reflect

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Aer Lingus Assessments FAQs

What are the Aer Lingus tests?

Aer Lingus utilizes various tests during their hiring process to assess candidates' aptitudes and skills relevant to the aviation industry. These tests often examine cognitive abilities, personality fit, and may include technical questions pertaining to the job role.

Are the Aer Lingus tests hard?

The difficulty level of Aer Lingus tests varies depending on the role and individual capabilities. In general, they are designed to be challenging to ensure that only the most suitable candidates make it through the hiring process.

How do I prepare for Aer Lingus tests?

Preparing for Aer Lingus tests involves practice and familiarity with the types of questions you will face. Using Careerroo, you have access to many practice tests that can help you prepare effectively for the actual exams.

How long does the recruitment process take at Aer Lingus?

The length of the Aer Lingus recruitment process can vary widely based on the specific job role and number of applicants. It's a multistage process that often requires several weeks to complete from initial application to final decision.

What are Aer Lingus's core values?

Aer Lingus prides itself on core values like safety, integrity, and customer service. These values reflect their commitment to providing a reliable and exceptional experience for both employees and customers.