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About TAP Portugal

TAP Portugal is the state-owned airline of Portugal. Founded in 1945, the airline is headquartered in Lisbon and flies to North and South America, Europe, and Africa.

As an organization, TAP Portugal is committed to making a difference in society. The company boasts a strong safety record, being voted the safest airline in Europe by Airline ratings. Their sustained growth strategy ensures that the company's development considers their responsibilities towards the society they work in, their customers, and the employees of TAP Portugal.

The airline continues to grow and evolve to serve its customers to serve its motto of 'transformation and innovation.' It is focused on exceeding customer expectations by expanding its routes and adopting digital tools to meet the needs of its customers. The airline is committed to promoting Portugal as a destination by connecting people, businesses, and communities, playing its part in building a future for the country.

Roles at TAP Portugal

Overview of the roles available at the company and with some examples where relevant

TAP Portugal offers opportunities for those looking to start or continue their career in the aviation field.

Those at secondary school can join the airline on a one-week internship scheme designed to give a taster of what a career in the aviation industry is like.

University students can take up a 3-month summer placement with TAP Portugal to gain better insight into specific opportunities. The airline also offers circular internships for those where completing a business placement is required for their degree. These opportunities last between 3-9 months.

Students who have recently graduated can join the airline on a 9-month professional internship, working in a role at the airline to develop themselves in a professional working environment.

TAP Portugal also has several opportunities for those with experience in the aviation field or customer services on their pilot program, flight attendant, ground and customer service staff, and aircraft maintenance technician roles.

TAP Portugal Culture, Values And Benefits

TAP Portugal is proud of its heritage, keeping the Portuguese nature of the airline and ensuring that this forms the foundation of its mission to transform and innovate

Its working, growing, and developing ethos as a company also extends to its employees. TAP Portugal is committed to growing sustainably while being responsible to its employees and society.

The company is also known for its friendly working environment and competitive salary and package.

As an organization, TAP Portugal has a varied benefits package, including a medical plan for all its employees, travel insurance, and travel discounts when flying with the airline. The company also provides a retirement plan that includes a small amount of matched funding for those paying into the plan.

TAP Portugal Application Process

The TAP Portugal application process varies according to the type of role applied for. Outlines below are the types of assessments applicants can expect when applying for a role with the airline.

TAP Portugal Online Application

All applications to roles at TAP Portugal are taken online. Candidates select their preferred vacancy, then apply directly to it using the application link.

Those wishing to apply to internship opportunities are asked to apply directly to the ‘spontaneous application’ vacancy listed on the current vacancies page.

TAP Portugal Phone/ Video Interview

Following the application stage, successful candidates will be contacted to attend an initial interview. The interview can be phone or video-based, depending on the type of role applied for.

The basis of the first interview is to review the detail of an individual’s application form. Candidates will be asked basic questions about their understanding of the role and why they have applied.

Questions may also be asked about a candidate’s prior experience in relation to the role they have applied for or the skills they can bring to the position if at the internship level.

TAP Portugal Aptitude Tests

Depending on the role, candidates may be asked to take some of the following tests.

TAP Portugal Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test assesses individuals' ability to read, analyze and interpret written information. This test is used when recruiting for roles where understanding and following written instructions is essential for safety and success in a position.

The test is timed. Questions are given as short passages of information. Candidates need to read the information and then select whether the statement that follows is true, false, or they can not say based on what they have understood from the passage.

When taking the test, it is essential to base your selection on the information given rather than on any prior knowledge.

TAP Portugal Logical Reasoning Test

The logical reasoning assessment evaluates individuals' aptitude to reach logical conclusions using non-verbal information. This test is commonly used when recruiting for roles in aviation, such as engineering or pilot recruitment, where making reasoned decisions based on different pieces of information is needed to carry out the role effectively.

Questions take the form of shapes, diagrams, or sequences. Candidates need to determine the link between their information, then use this link or relationship to select which of the multiple choices answers follows next.

This is a timed assessment, allowing recruiters to determine how well candidates work under time pressure.

TAP Portugal Situational Judgement Test

The TAP situational judgment test evaluates how candidates react and deal with situations they are likely to encounter when in the role. Commonly used when recruiting for customer-facing positions such as customer contact or flight attendant roles, the test comprises situational questions.

Candidates need to read and evaluate each question, then select or rank which of the statements that follow represents they would deal with or react to in the given situation based on the information they have been provided.

The test isn’t timed, although a recommended limit for completing the test is given.

TAP Portugal Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test assesses candidates' ability to use numerical information to solve problems. In this test, candidates are given questions in the form of graphs or charts. They must analyze and interpret the information before selecting which of the multiple-choice answers is correct in answering the question.

Candidates must use their working knowledge of basic mathematical principles such as ratios, percentages, or fractions to solve problems. As the test is timed, working quickly to accurately is important, meaning individuals' ability to manage time is also assessed in the test.

This test is used when recruiting for roles where the interpretation of numerical information is central to the role, for example, when recruiting candidates for the TAP Portugal pilot program or mechanical aviation roles.

TAP Portugal Personality Test

The personality test evaluates an individual’s characteristics, traits, values, and beliefs in relation to the role applied for. The assessment is beneficial in roles where gaining a deeper understanding of an individual’s workplace behavioral preferences is central to success in the role.

Candidates are given questions in the form of statements. They must select or rank the multiple-choice answers according to their most preferred and least preferred way to react in the given situation.

The test results enable recruiters to determine whether the characteristics and focus of an individual are aligned with that required for the role.

TAP Portugal Interview(s)

The TAP Portugal interviews can be one-to-one or group, depending on the stage of the recruitment process and the role applied for.

Interviews focus on better understanding an individual in relation to the role applied for. Candidates are asked questions on the information documented on their application form, along with their experience and skills as required by the role.

Individuals will also be asked questions on their commitment to the career they have applied for, including their understanding of TAP Portugal as an airline, why they have applied, and why they believe they are suitable for the role.

Candidates may also be asked competency-based questions on the skills needed for success in the role. Those applying for specialist vacancies such as the pilot program or engineering vacancies will also be asked specific questions on the aviation industry and industry-specific knowledge, such as the mechanics of an aircraft.


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TAP Portugal Assessments FAQs

Are TAP Portugal assessments timed?

All TAP Portugal assessments are timed assessments, requiring candidates to work quickly but accurately to ensure they correctly complete as many questions as possible. In the case of the situational judgment test and personality assessment, candidates are given a recommended time limit for completion.

Can I retake TAP Portugal assessments if I fail?

If you don’t attain the required test benchmark, you may be able to re-take the assessments. The re-take policy will depend on the role applied for and will often require you to wait a certain length of time before a re-take is permitted. Before sitting any of the assessments, it is essential to have practiced the tests to ensure that you perform to the best of your ability in the assessed test.

How can I prepare for TAP Portugal assessments?

The best way to prepare is to practice the tests. While the tests evaluate an individual’s inherent ability, practicing ensures familiarity with the format and question style. When practicing, ensure you do so under timed conditions. Putting yourself under the time pressure you will feel when taking the test means you become familiar with how you react under a pressurized assessment environment.

Are the TAP Portugal assessments difficult?

The TAP Portugal assessments are a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's abilities. To perform to the best of your ability in the tests, it is important to have practiced them so you understand the format style and how to approach the questions in each test. Understanding the role requirements and the traits and characteristics of what is needed for success in the role is also essential.