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About Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways is an international airline serving over 13 countries globally, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the US, Canada, and Hong Kong. Founded in 1947, the airline is headquartered in Fiji and partners with other global airlines through the One World alliance program.

The company is proud of its history; in 2012, the airline re-introduced the name Fiji Airways from Air Pacific to show its development into the national airline of Fiji. As an airline, Fiji Airways emphasizes the service it provides its customers and the experience they get when flying with the airline.

With over nine aircraft in its fleet, the company's operations connect the islands of Fiji to the rest of the globe, being rated as one of the top airlines in its region.

Roles at Fiji Airways

Fiji airlines employ over 1000 staff across a variety of different roles. Those looking to join the airline can do so according to their skills and experience. Career opportunities exist in four main areas: ground operations roles such as customer care agents or cabin crew. Those with administrative experience can join the head office teams in IT, legal, finance, HR, or sales and marketing.

Candidates with specialist engineering experience can apply for roles in specific areas such as maintenance, aircraft planning, or as technical training coordinators.

Those with operational experience can join Fiji Airways on their pilot program as crew controllers, technical planners, or tech writers.

While opportunities are generally based in Fiji, the company prides itself on being a diverse employer and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds.

Fiji Airways Culture, Values And Benefits

The company culture at Fiji Airlines centers around providing a great customer experience, ensuring that customers flying experience with the airline is memorable. This approach also extends to its employees, with the airline being known for its fun and supportive working environment.

Staff at the airline are professional and helpful, providing support to colleagues so they can learn, grow and develop in the role. Employees are encouraged to succeed and build on their performance in the role, with regular meetings with management and encouragement from those within the company.

The airline also offers travel perks such as discounts on flights with the airline for both its employees and their immediate family.

Fiji Airways Application Process

The application process for roles at Fiji Airways comprises four distinct stages, each designed to evaluate individuals on the skills and abilities required for success in the role and with the airline.

Fiji Airways Online Application

All applications for roles at Fiji Airways are taken online. Candidates search for their preferred vacancy and then complete the application form linked to their preferred vacancy.

The application requires candidates to submit a cover letter and CV supporting their application. When applying, it is essential to check that you meet the minimum necessary criteria for your preferred role.

Fiji Airways Interview

Only those successful at the application screening stage are contacted and invited to a first interview. The interview can be in person, over the phone, or via video call, depending on the role, location, and availability of both the candidate and recruiter.

The initial first interview will focus on getting to know the candidate better. This includes questions on the detail provided in the CV and cover letter, along with the skills an individual has that make them suitable for the role.

Questions may also be asked about why they want to join Fiji Airways and their understanding of the company in general.

For roles such as cabin crew, interviews may be in a group format, where basic background questions are asked.

Fiji Airways Aptitude Tests

Fiji Airways includes aptitude tests as part of its recruitment process. The number of tests candidates sit depends on the type of role applied for.

Fiji Airways Logical Reasoning Test

The logical reasoning test evaluates individuals' problem-solving ability using abstract (non-verbal) information. Candidates are presented with information as shapes, diagrams, or sequences. They must determine the relationship or link between the piece of information, then select which of the multiple choice answers follows next in the series.

Often used when recruiting for roles such as pilots, head office-based roles, or those in engineering, this test is a timed assessment meaning candidates are also assessed on their ability to work when under time pressure.

Fiji Airways Situational Judgement Test

The situational judgment test evaluates how individuals prefer to react in workplace situations. The test is used when recruiting for roles where a better understanding of an individual’s working style is beneficial in making an objective selection decision.

The test takes the form of questions given as scenarios individuals will likely face when in the role.

Candidates must select which of the given responses best represents how they would behave based on the given situation.

While the test isn’t a timed assessment, candidates are given a recommended time limit for completing the assessment.

Fiji Airways Numerical Reasoning Test

In the numerical reasoning test, candidates are assessed on their aptitude for using numerical information to solve problems. This test is commonly included in the pilot, finance, and engineering recruitment process.

Candidates are given questions in the form of graphs or charts. They must use their knowledge of basic mathematical principles such as ratios, percentages, and fractions to determine which of the multiple-choice answers is correct.

The test is timed, and candidates are usually allowed to use a calculator in the assessment. It is worth checking what equipment is permitted before starting the test.

Fiji Airways Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test evaluates candidates' ability to understand and interpret written information.

Candidates are given questions as short paragraphs of text. They must read, understand and then extract the key pieces of information from the text passage. Using their understanding, they then select whether the statements that follow are true, fair, or they can not say based on what they have read and understood, basing their responses solely on the information they have been given.

The test also evaluates individuals on their understanding of the meaning of words. It is most commonly used when recruiting for roles where understanding and following written documentation is integral for safety and success in a position.

Fiji Airways Personality Test

The Fiji Airways personality test is an assessment used to gain a deeper insight into a candidate's values, beliefs, characteristics, and personality traits.

The test is often included when recruiting for sales or customer-focused roles, where strengths in certain aspects of an individual's personality are required.

The test is a questionnaire-based assessment. Individuals are given scenarios and must rate or rank the given response(s) according to how they would prefer to behave in the given situation.

Fiji Airways Final Interview

Candidates successful at the assessment stages of the process are invited to attend a final interview.

This interview is focused on evaluating candidates on their skills and competencies as relevant to those needed for the role. Questions are also asked on an individual’s understanding of Fiji Airways, what they want to work at the airline why they believe they are a suitable candidate for the role.

Candidates that have applied for specialist vacancies, such as operational roles, may also be asked specific questions about their knowledge of their specialism. Those applying for ground operation and inflight service delivery roles may also be asked about their views on travel, how they deal with specific customer situations and their strengths.


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Fiji Airways Assessment FAQs

Which skills are measured in the Fiji Airways assessments?

The assessments at Fiji Airways evaluate candidates on various skills needed to be successful in a role. These skills include numerical reasoning and logical reasoning. Candidates are also assessed on their time management skills when working under pressure.

How will the results of the Fiji Airways assessments be used in the selection process?

The aptitude assessments used by Fiji Airways objectively evaluate an individual’s proficiency in the abilities and skills needed to perform successfully. The results are used to make a bias-free decision on which applicants are best to progress to the final stages of the process based on their skills and aptitudes alone.

How can I prepare for the Fiji Airways assessments?

One of the best ways to prepare for an assessment is to practice the tests. In doing so, you become familiar with the format, question style, and how you react under pressure. Before the assessment, remember to test your computer to remove any pop-ups or blockers, ensure you know what equipment is permitted, and have a reliable wifi connection.

How does the Fiji Airways psychometric assessment measure my skills?

The psychometric assessments used by Fiji Airways objectively measure a candidate's aptitudes and skills. The tests are designed to evaluate individuals on a specific skill or aptitude. The test results are compared to a norm group or population of individuals successful in the role. This enables the airline to determine an individual's proficiency in the skill or aptitude being assessed.