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About easyJet

Founded in 1995, easyJet is an air travel company that specialises in affordable, short-haul flights across 35 European countries. It is now the UK's biggest airline in terms of annual passengers, flying a record 96 million passengers to their destinations in 2019, and has won multiple awards for being the best short-haul and affordable airline.

There are 14,000 employees, 8000 of whom are cabin crew. Short haul flying means a fast-paced environment with loads of variety, and cabin crew are responsible for giving the “warmest welcome in the sky” across easyJet's 350 aircrafts. The company is innovative and forward-thinking, and they expect this attitude from their employees as well. In return, you'll get plenty of career development opportunities, great staff travel benefits, and an exciting, dynamic work environment.

easyJet Cabin Crew Application Process

The application process for cabin crew is fairly simple with three steps.

  • Online application
  • Online testing
  • Assessment day

However, there are a lot of requirements for easyJet cabin crew, so ensure that you are applying for the right role before submitting. You can only apply for one base at a time and easyJet asks that you wait 6 months before reapplying if you are unsuccessful.

Online Application

For the online application, you just need to upload your CV and give some personal details. This includes ensuring that you check easyJet's minimum requirements for the role, which are very specific. Here is just a few:

  • Height between 157-190cm (5'2-6'3).
  • Can swim 25m and tread water for at least one minute.
  • Can fit comfortably in the jump seat.
  • All piercings and tattoos can be covered.

You will have to pass a health and fitness test before you can start your employment and other requirements are checked, for example, your height will be measured at the assessment centre. These requirements are to ensure that you are able to take on the responsibility of an emergency situation and keep yourself and your passengers safe.

Online Test

Once you have put in your application, you will be sent an online test to assess some of your competencies. The test should take up to 30 minutes to complete and you will get your results within 72 hours of submitting it. The test has one ability section and one behavioural section.

The ability section consists of verbal reasoning, which shows your written communication skills and how well you process text-based information. Strong literacy and verbal logic skills are important for aviation jobs where you are often expected to deal with a lot of information on a daily basis.

The behavioural section will be a situational judgement test, which gives you workplace scenarios that you are likely to come across on the job and asks you to rank responses according to which you think is most appropriate.

Employers like to use these tests because they show how you would react to different situations and challenges before you're hired, and shows how well aligned you are with the company culture. Situational judgement is especially important for cabin crew because you are dealing with the public and employers need to know if your interpersonal skills and typical workplace behaviours are compatible with the demands of the job.

Assessment Day

The assessment day is the last stage in the recruitment process. You will get to attend presentations about what it is like working for easyJet and network with current crew. It is really important to take advantage of this opportunity to ask any questions you have and show your enthusiasm for the role and company.

For the activities, there are an assortment of group problem solving tasks like case studies, re-designing the airline magazine, and showing sales techniques. easyJet really emphasises teamwork, so they are looking to see how well you deal with the group situation and if you are a team player, rather than getting the right solution.

After lunch, you will find out if you have been chosen for an interview. The questions are separated into categories to focus the interview, you will be asked about your personality and motivations, as well as your work experience, particularly focusing on customer service and sales. easyJet is very focused on in-flight sales and as cabin crew you make a small commission on these sales, so they want to make sure that you have the necessary experience and skills.

The interview is about 40 minutes long, giving you plenty of time to show why you should be hired by them and how you embody the easyJet values, which include: efficiency, loyalty, innovation, responsibility, and customer support.


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