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About American Airlines

American Airlines was founded as a US mail carrier service in 1962. Since then, it has grown to become the world's largest airline. The company headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas, with additional hubs in multiple states across the US, including New York, LA and Washington. American Airlines employs a workforce of around 130,000 people, carries more than 200 million passengers every year, and charters 6,800 daily flights, offering domestic and international flights across 61 countries globally.

A vast company such as American Airlines offers numerous types of career and job opportunities ranging from entry-level work to professional positions. Job roles include engineers, mechanics, maintenance staff, customer services, airport support staff and cabin crew.

American Airlines offers plenty of opportunities for career progression and experience across various roles. Employees also enjoy plenty of benefits, including health insurance, performance bonuses, discounted flights, gym membership and car allowance. As such, the competition for job positions is high.

American Airlines Application Process

American Airlines conducts a thorough, in-depth application process that consists of multiple stages. You must first submit an online application form, moving on to sit online tests, before reaching the interview stages.

Online Application Form

To apply for a job at American Airlines, you must first submit an online application form through either the company website or the LinkedIn page. You might want to include supporting documents with your application, such as a cover letter and CV, to improve your chances of standing out.

Refer back to the job advert when completing your application form to make sure your answers reflect the desirable skills and experience. You will receive an email confirmation when you submit the form.

Online Tests

Like many large companies, American Airlines uses psychometric and cognitive tests to assess potential employees. These types of assessments are designed to test a candidate's behaviours, personality and attributes, skills that are not easy to assess at the interview stage.

The tests at American Airlines include cognitive tests, such as numerical reasoning tests, designed to assess basic mathematical skills, and verbal reasoning tests, to assess the candidate's ability to read and understand a passage of text.

Personality tests are another recruitment tool that American Airlines uses to judge a candidate's suitability for a role. Many senior positions within an airline company can be high-pressured and stressful. When recruiting for these roles, American Airlines needs to assess your ability to work under pressure and to remain calm when leading a team, a quality that can be observed through personality tests.

American Airlines also uses situational judgement tests in the recruitment process. This type of test presents a typical workplace scenario and asks the candidate to choose the most appropriate answer from a selection of options to show they would respond. This is a particularly useful test for gauging how someone might behave and react in a particular job role.

As well as the standard range of psychometric, cognitive and personality tests, candidates applying for a position as a pilot must also take a pilot aptitude test. This highly specific test assesses multiple skills, including spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, ability to multitask, and memory. The pilot test is often split into multiple tests that focus on one area at a time.


American Airlines is known to conduct group interviews with six or more candidates in the room at the same time. This stage of the interview includes a group task or activity that tests your working style, communication skills and ability to work well within a team. The group exercise also reveals the candidates with natural leadership abilities, who can inspire and guide colleagues and might be suitable for management or a senior role in the company.

The group interview is followed by an individual interview where an interview panel will ask more traditional questions to get to know you better. You will be asked about your work history and may be asked to clarify details from your CV. For technical roles, be ready to answer questions about your experience, training and competency.

This stage is also an opportunity for you to ask your interviewer any questions and to gauge whether you are a good fit for a role within American Airlines.


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