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About Revelian Tests

Formerly known as Onetest and founded in 1999, Revelian is an Australia-based psychometric test provider. The company focuses on developing and delivering aptitude tests designed to enable employers to better understand a candidate's abilities, characteristics, and behaviours.

Used by a wide range of airlines such as Virgin Australia, Pacific Blue Airlines, and Tiger Airways Australia, Revelian's assessments are online, timed tests that assess a candidate's personality traits and cognitive abilities. The tests are used in the recruitment process for roles at all experience levels and are a popular choice for recruiters of graduate-level positions due to the wide range of tests offered.

Revelian Test Categories

Revelian has 14 different psychometric tests on offer. Each test is an online, timed test that assesses a different skill, ability, or trait.

Emotify. This test measures a candidate's emotional intelligence using a game-based assessment. In the 20-minute time limit for this test, candidates complete two separate mini-assessments.

Questions are asked about situations involving emotions, with candidates selecting which of the multiple-choice images best represent the emotion a person would feel.

Cognify. Cognify is a game-based test that focuses on a candidate's cognitive abilities. The test takes the form of six mini game-based assessments with a time limit of 30 minutes in total. Games are based on problem-solving with numbers, shapes, or puzzles and measure how well candidates can work under pressure.

16 Factors Personality Questionnaire (16PF). This test focuses on identifying a candidate's personality traits and reacting to work-based situations. Questions are presented in the form of scenarios with statements that follow. Candidates need to select which of the statements best describes how they would react in the given situation.

The assessment is untimed but usually takes around 30 minutes to complete the 171 questions.

Cognitive Ability Assessment. The assessment measures a candidate's general mental aptitude. There are 51 questions to complete in 20 minutes.

Behavioural Profile. This assessment focuses on identifying how candidates prefer to behave and communicate in the workplace. The test is formed of scenario-based questions; candidates select which of the behavioural indicators given is most and least like them in the situation described. There are 24 questions to complete; the test is untimed but generally takes around 10 minutes to complete.

Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT). The MSCEIT measures a candidate's capability in understanding their own emotions and those of others around them. There are 141 questions to complete, and while the test is untimed, it usually takes around 40 minutes.

Abstract Reasoning Ability. The assessment measures a candidate's ability to problem-solve using abstract information such as shapes or patterns. This test consists of 32 questions to complete in 10 minutes.

Skills Test. Skills tests are usually used to determine whether candidates need further training in a role by assessing candidates' skills against the requirements of a role. The test covers various areas such as typing speed and generally takes around 20 - 30 minutes to complete.

Numerical Reasoning. This test assesses a candidate's ability to work with numerical information to solve problems. There are 25 questions to complete in 12 minutes.

Work Preferences Profile. In this test candidates preference for work type is assessed. There are 84 questions to complete in around 10 minutes. The questions help determine which tasks as required by the role candidates are most likely to enjoy.

Values Inventory. This assessment whether the candidate's values match those of the organisations. There are 20 value statements outlined; the test asks candidates to rank these values in order of importance to them.

Verbal Reasoning Test. With 35 questions to complete in 10 minutes, this test measures a candidate's ability to read, understand and use verbal information.

Work Safety Assessment. This test identifies a candidate's views towards safety in their role and the workplace. There are either 49 and 77 questions to be completed in this test, depending if you take the short or long version.

Work Reliability Scale. With 54 questions to complete in this test, the assessment focuses on candidates' beliefs towards workplace scenarios. Questions are given in the form of statements; candidates need to select to what extent they disagree or agree with the statement. The test is untimed but takes around 10 minutes to finish.

Revelian Verbal Reasoning Test

The Revelian verbal reasoning test measures a candidate's ability to understand words and solve written information problems. There are 35 questions to complete in this test with a time limit of 10 minutes.

Questions are presented in the form of statements followed by multiple choice answers. Candidates need to read and understand the question then select the answer they believe to be correct.

The test results give employers an indication of how well candidates can reason using words and process written information. When completing the test, it is important not to skim read the question but take your time to ensure you have properly read the question and statements that follow before selecting the answer.

Revelian Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test assesses a candidate's ability to reason using numbers. Questions are presented in the form of graphs, charts, or tables.

Using their understanding of mathematical concepts such as fractions, ratios, and percentages, candidates are required to solve numerical problems to determine which one of the multiple-choice answers given is correct.

There are 25 questions to complete in 12 minutes, and while the majority of candidates do not complete all of the questions in the test, it is advisable to work quickly but accurately. The more questions you answer correctly, the higher your overall score.

Speed and accuracy are also essential when completing this numerical reasoning test.

Revelian Abstract Reasoning Test

The abstract reasoning test measures a candidate's ability to solve problems using non-verbal abstract information. There are 32 questions to complete in 10 minutes.

Questions are presented as a series of diagrams, patterns, or shapes. Candidates need to decipher the relationship between these shapes and analyse patterns, then use this information to determine which shapes or patterns do not follow or do not belong in the sequence.

Candidates are encouraged to work quickly but accurately to complete all of the questions in the test; many do not finish all 32 questions within the time limit.

Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT)

Revelian's cognitive ability test evaluates a candidate's overall mental aptitude for critical thinking and problem-solving.

The test includes questions that assess numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and abstract reasoning capabilities, with each of the questions becoming progressively more challenging. There are 51 questions to complete in 20 minutes. In this test it is advised to be mindful of the time allocation - work quickly, and move on to the next if you cannot answer a question.

Top 5 Tips to Pass Your Revelian Test

Revelian tests are designed to be challenging. The tests provide employers with a deeper insight into candidates and whether they demonstrate the strengths, behaviours, and abilities required. Some top tips to help you pass your Revelian tests include:

1. Practice

Before taking any Revelian test, it is essential to practice. Practicing enables you to become familiar with the format and the style of questioning so you understand the types of questions you will be asked in the test. When practicing, do so under timed conditions; this simulates the time pressure that you will feel in the actual test.

2. Don't spend too much time on any one question.

If you aren't sure of an answer, move on to the next question. The aim of the test is to answer as many questions as you can correctly - the more questions answered correctly, the higher your score will be. If you reach the end of the questions within the allotted time, you can always come back and re-attempt the questions you found difficult.

3. Ensure you are well-rested

Before taking the test, make sure you get a good night's sleep the night before, have eaten, and are well hydrated. This means you can focus on the questions being asked and are in the right frame of mind when taking the test.

4. Test your technology

All Revelian tests are online tests. Prior to sitting the tests, make sure you have a good internet/Wi-Fi connection and sit the tests in a quiet room that is free from noise and distractions.

5. Refresh your working knowledge

Ability tests assess your inherent abilities and aptitudes. To help your natural abilities shine through, make sure you refresh your working knowledge of any mathematical principles or concepts. Try and get your mind into thinking conceptually through solving puzzles or crosswords. Doing so will help improve your focus and increase your confidence when sitting ability tests.

Sample Revelian Tests question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

What is the synonym for the word 'mitigate' as used in the following sentence: 'The new regulations were designed to mitigate the environmental impact of industrial emissions.'?

  • Intensify
  • Lessen
  • Eliminate
  • Disregard

Imagine you are dealing with a series of patterns where each follows a specific rule to transform from one stage to the next. If the rule is 'add one diagonal line' to each new pattern, and the initial pattern has two diagonal lines, how many diagonal lines would the fourth pattern in the series have?

  • Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • Six

If a sequence of boxes shows a progressive change in the position of a dot from the top left to the bottom right corner, which direction is the dot moving overall?

  • Downward to the right
  • Upward to the left
  • Downward to the left
  • Upward to the right

Considering the mechanical principle of levers, if the fulcrum of a lever is moved closer to the load, how is the required effort to lift that load affected?

  • The required effort is increased
  • The required effort is unchanged
  • The required effort is decreased
  • The question cannot be determined without additional information

A passage details how a company implements an environmentally-friendly approach by reducing paper waste. What is likely the main intent of this passage?

In an effort to embrace sustainability, XYZ Corporation has recently announced its initiative to reduce paper waste across all its departments. Through increasing the use of digital platforms for documentation and implementing strict recycling protocols, XYZ Corporation aims to cut down its paper usage by 50% within the next year. This initiative is part of a larger commitment to environmental stewardship, reflecting the company's understanding of their role in mitigating climate change by adopting more eco-friendly business practices.

  • To advertise the company's products
  • To inform about the company’s environmental initiative
  • To provide detailed statistics on paper usage
  • To complain about the high costs of recycled materials

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Revelian Tests Tips

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Familiarizing yourself with the types of questions Revelian might ask is the first step to acing the test. Here at Careerroo, we're not just about practice; we're about preparedness. Understand the structure and the substance of the test, so you're not caught off guard on the big day.

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Stay Calm and Positive

A positive mindset can go a long way in your preparation and performance on the test day. Practice relaxation techniques with Careerroo, take deep breaths, and maintain confidence in your abilities. Staying calm can help you think more clearly and perform better under pressure.

Review and Reflect

After you complete a practice test, take the time to review your answers, especially the incorrect ones. Careerroo provides explanations for answers, offering you an opportunity to understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future. Reflection is a powerful tool for improvement.

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Revelian Tests FAQs

Are Revelian tests hard?

Revelian tests are designed to be challenging. The tests give employers a greater understanding of a candidate's strengths, behaviours, and traits relevant to the role. By practicing, working quickly but accurately, and keeping calm when completing the tests, you can ensure that you perform well.

What is a good Revelian test score?

Each employer that uses Revelian tests as part of its recruitment process compares candidates' scores against a comparison group of recent new entrants or an industry average. When completing the tests, it is important to focus on each question, answer questions to the best of your ability, and be mindful of the time limit for each test.

Are Revelian assessments timed?

Revelian tests are timed assessments, with each test having a specified time limit. It is worth noting that many candidates do not complete all of the questions in the allocated time. Working quickly and accurately and reading the question thoroughly before answering is important.

Can you fail a Revelian test?

Revelian tests are scored by comparing candidates' results against a comparison group. These groups differ by employer. It is important to answer as many questions as possible correctly when completing the test. The more questions answered correctly, the higher the overall score will be.