Saville Tests

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What is a Saville test?

Saville test is a cognitive assessment used by aviation industry employers wanting to hire diligent, ambitious, and intelligent people. Saville tests ensure candidates have the right skills, competencies, and values for the company they’re being hired for.

Saville Assessment was founded by Professor Peter Saville, who also set up SHL. As you might expect, therefore, there are similarities between the two test providers.

Here is an overview of all the Saville tests:

Saville test series

The test series varies depending on the role itself and the level of seniority:

Comprehension aptitudes - for the operational, customer, and administrative staff.

Analysis aptitudes - for managerial, directorial, and professional level staff.

Apprentice aptitudes - for graduates, trainees, and technicians.

Executive aptitudes - for managerial, directorial, and professional level staff.

Technical aptitudes - for engineering and construction roles.

Saville test topics

Each series has an assessment for each of these topics:

  • Numerical
  • Verbal
  • Diagrammatic
  • Abstract
  • Error-checking
  • Mechanical
  • Spatial

Saville test formats

Saville assessments are broken down into two formats:

  1. Single aptitude tests - a longer-form version of the aptitude tests which will take over 30 minutes to complete.
  2. Swift aptitude tests - a shorter version that takes less than 30 minutes.

All assessment topics can be taken as swift or single tests. Normally, the swift version is used at the first stage of the recruitment process.

Saville Waver personality questionnaire

The Saville personality questionnaire assesses your strengths and weaknesses, and how well your personality traits align with the company’s values. The test is split into two formats:

1. Wave Professional Style - a 40-minute personality assessment.

2. Wave Focus Style - a 13-minute version of the professional style.

Other Saville tests

Most hiring financial companies will use numerical, and maybe even verbal, reasoning tests. But the following Saville tests are also in existence:

  • Diagrammatic aptitude
  • Error checking aptitude
  • Spatial aptitude
  • Mechanical aptitude

Sample Saville Tests question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

In a written argument, the author uses the following evidence to support their claim: 'According to a recent study, companies with a higher rate of employee satisfaction outperform their competitors by 20%.' What is the best way to challenge the author's argument?

  • Question the relevance of employee satisfaction to company performance
  • Point out that correlation does not necessarily imply causation
  • Argue that company outperformance is not important
  • Dispute the definition of 'competitors'

Identify the rule that applies to the following series: 3, 9, 27, 81, ...

  • Multiply by 3
  • Add 6
  • Subtract 18
  • Divide by 2

If the sum of four consecutive numbers is 98, what is the third number in this sequence?

  • 23
  • 24
  • 25
  • 26

Consider a scenario where a new policy is implemented within a company: All internal reports must be filed electronically by the end of each business day. What could be the rationale behind this policy?

  • To increase paper usage
  • To reduce the risk of data loss
  • To make the process more time-consuming
  • To create a backup of physical documents

When a lever is half the length on one side of the fulcrum as on the other, how does this affect the force needed on the shorter side to balance an object on the longer side?

  • The force should be twice as much
  • The force should be the same
  • The force should be half as much
  • The force should be four times as much

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Saville Tests Tips

Practice Makes Perfect

While it might be an old adage, it's true—especially when it comes to Saville Assessments. These tests, averaging 20 minutes each, are designed to challenge your skills in a variety of areas such as numerical and verbal reasoning or mechanical knowledge. By regularly practicing with our tailored tests at Careerroo, you'll not only get a good grip on the types of questions you'll face, but you'll also improve your speed and accuracy, which can really make a difference.

Understand the Test Layout

Knowing what to expect can alleviate a lot of test day stress. Familiarize yourself with the Saville Assessment's layout and structure through Careerroo’s practice exams. Learning how the questions are presented—whether it's numerical data interpretation, verbal analogies, or diagrammatic puzzles—means you won't be caught off guard during the actual assessment.

Sharpen Your Time Management

Time is of the essence with Saville's tests. You have about 20 minutes to showcase your aptitudes, so it's crucial to manage your minutes wisely. Use our practice exams on Careerroo to hone your time management skills, ensuring that you can give each question the attention it deserves without running out of time.

Check Your Work for Errors

Mistakes happen, especially when you're working quickly. But with the error checking component of Saville’s assessments, your keen eye for detail is being tested. Practice the art of double-checking your responses on Careerroo’s practice tests so that accuracy becomes second nature, and you reduce the chances of making those slip-ups when it counts.

Stay Calm and Collected

The pressure of a looming assessment can frazzle nerves. However, a calm mindset can often mean the difference between a good performance and a great one. At Careerroo, we believe practice breeds confidence. Use our extensive resource pool to get comfortable with the test format and question types so that on the big day, you're as cool as a cucumber.

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Saville Tests FAQs

Where can I practice Saville test questions for free?

You can practice free Saville questions using our online test platform which provides you access to example test questions.

Are Saville tests hard to pass?

Saville tests are designed to be challenging - although there is no pass or fail score, your test score will be compared to other candidates taking the assessment. A low score could impact your chances of being shortlisted.

How long will it take to complete the Saville publisher test?

The Saville publisher test duration varies but usually takes between 15-25 minutes to complete.

What is a good pass mark?

A good pass mark depends on the employer's requirements, but generally, scoring at least a score above the 75% percentile is seen as a strong performance.