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Kenexa is a leading assessment provider, helping businesses in the world of aviation to recruit the best talent. They offer a variety of tests aimed to examine every candidate's skills, strengths, weaknesses, personality and values. Here is a more comprehensive overview of what the Kenexa tests include:

Kenexa CAT

CAT stands for Computer Adaptive Tests. These Kenexa tests consist of three subject types including logical, numerical and verbal reasoning. As you progress through each test, the questions will gradually become more difficult.

Kenexa logical reasoning test

Often known as ‘abstract reasoning’ tests, the Kenexa logical reasoning test requires you to use logic to connect different shapes and patterns together.

Kenexa infinity series

The infinity series includes two separate tests:

  1. Numerical reasoning - you’ll have just 20 minutes to complete this numerical reasoning test containing 20 questions.
  2. Verbal reasoning - just as above, you’ll have 20 minutes to complete this 24 question verbal reasoning test.

Kenexa BMQ

The BMQ is similar to the infinity series, but it’s pitched at a managerial level. The verbal and numerical test questions are all related to the everyday challenges you'll face in a managerial role. Each test is 15 minutes long and finishes with an additional 20 minute personality test.

Kenexa prove it series

The prove it series is Kenexa’s online portal with over 1,000 different tests. These tests are relevant for specific job roles and they enable an employer to focus on whether applicants show they have the core skills needed to succeed at the role they’re applying for.

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Kenexa Tests FAQs

Where can I practice Kenexa test questions for free?

You can practice free Kenexa questions using our online test platform which provides you access to example test questions.

Are Kenexa tests hard to pass?

A good pass mark for the Kenexa publisher test is typically around 70%. However, this may vary depending on your specific employer's requirements and the overall performance of other candidates taking the assessment.

How long will it take to complete the Kenexa publisher test?

Kenexa assessments generally take between 15-60 minutes to complete, depending on the test battery you are given.

What is a good pass mark?

A good score depends on the employer's criteria, but generally, a score of 75% or above is considered a strong performance.