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10 Ways Verbal Reasoning Tests Can Increase Your Productivity

Guy Thornton
Guy Thornton May 24, 2021
10 Ways Verbal Reasoning Tests Can Increase Your Productivity

If you are a student or graduate actively looking for an early career programme like internships, placements or graduate schemes, especially in the business management and consultancy industries, you might have come across Verbal Reasoning Tests. These are a type of Aptitude Tests, similar to Basic Comprehension Tests, designed to assess one's analytical thinking and literacy proficiency using short paragraphs of roughly 250 words and 'True or False' type of questions. They usually have between 15 to 20 questions, to be completed within approximately 20 minutes and can be quite challenging for those who are not familiar with the format. Besides their use in recruitment and sometimes, education, here are 10 different ways Verbal Reasoning Tests can be useful at increasing your productivity overall.

1. Widen vocabulary

Verbal Reasoning Tests often include challenging industry-related topics with specialist words or phrases appearing frequently; which simply means opportunities to enlarge your vocabulary and improve your literacy proficiency.

2. Improve attention to detail

With a large amount of information being presented to test takers all at once, these tests surely are a good way to improve one's dexterity, or ability to filter out what is necessary from big texts.

3. Train your cognitive capacity

Being exposed to complex and unfamiliar sets of verbal data under time pressure, in fact, can be super healthy for your mental agility and overall cognitive function. This together with their ability to better your attention to detail, shows how Verbal Reasoning Tests are great tools to help you become more efficient with day-to-day tasks.

4. Strengthen analytical and critical thinking

Not only do they require test takers to be hyper observant with crucial details, Verbal Reasoning Tests also assess how one critically and objectively analyse, reason and conclude from nothing but facts given in each passage, without getting swayed by their general knowledge of the world.

5. Teach you efficiency

Completing a Verbal Reasoning Tests, or any Aptitude Tests needs much more than natural intelligence and expertise of a topic, you need to have a strategy to ensure speed and accuracy. It helps to read the questions before the paragraphs when it comes to this type of tests, as you can instantly look for relevant sentences without slowing yourself down by reading every single thing.

6. Boost concentration level

Besides the points mentioned earlier, Verbal Reasoning Tests can increase your general productivity drastically, as regular practice boosts your concentration level when approaching big and at times distracting chunks of information. This can be applied to real life to help you stay focused over an extended period of time at work and in school.

7. Better performance under pressure

Candidates usually get intimidated by the idea of an Aptitude Test being a 'test' and that their performance is not only judged, but also timed. However, doing Verbal Reasoning Tests and other psychometric assessments often enough and you will become 'immune', if not, even thrive under these pressures.

8. Reveal strengths and weaknesses

Most practice tests offer answers and comprehensive feedback on the correct responses. Learning from your mistakes by making the most of this resource can reveal where your strengths and weaknesses lie, help you get to know yourself better and this self-awareness can be tremendously useful in managing productivity in daily life.

9. Prepare you for the world of work

The specialist knowledge incorporated within the paragraphs in Verbal Reasoning Tests can give applicants a good idea of what it is like to work with a particular employer or industry. Keeping well prepared in advance via this online assessment is, therefore, helpful in making one more efficient right from the first day at work.

10. Match you to the right employer

Finally, not only will you improve your ability and knowledge as outlined above, you will also understand yourself and the chosen employer better. Therefore, no matter the outcome, Verbal Reasoning Tests can make your job search productive by leading you closer to the right career path and the right company early on.

Guy Thornton May 24, 2021

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