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Careers at LOT Polish Airlines

At the heart of Europe, LOT Polish Polish Airlines stands as Poland's proud flag carrier, with a sterling reputation for safety, punctuality, and customer service. Its extensive network covers a vast array of domestic and international destinations, catering to a diverse clientele. LOT is committed to excellence, constantly seeking dedicated individuals to join its team. Candidates are vetted for their professional demeanor, problem-solving acumen, and adaptive capacity to various situations—traits essential for upholding the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction.

LOT Polish Airlines emphasizes a culture where every employee contributes to providing a safe and enjoyable travel experience. Opportunities in LOT are not just abundant but also deeply rewarding, with career growth, the excitement of the aviation industry, and the chance to be part of an evolving legacy. Potential candidates must be ready for a meticulous selection process reflecting the company's high standards.

LOT Polish Airlines Application Process

The selection process has 4 major stages:

1. Online Application

2. Online Assessments

3. Interview

4. Assessment Centre

LOT Polish Airlines Online Application

The journey begins with the LOT Polish Airlines Online Application. Candidates showcase their skills, experiences, and motivations, carefully filling out each requested detail on the application form. This step is crucial as it's the first instance potential employers gauge if an applicant's qualifications align with the company's values and demands.

Attention to detail and providing accurate information is critical. Applicants should be prepared to supply comprehensive employment history, educational background, and relevant certifications. Crafting a compelling personal statement can significantly impact the success of the application, imparting a vital first impression to the recruitment team.

LOT Polish Airlines Online Assessments

Following a successful application, candidates at LOT Polish Airlines proceed to the Online Assessments. These are structured to evaluate various competencies and skills pertinent to the aviation industry. Applicants might face psychological evaluations, skill-based tests, or language proficiency exams.

Prepare to be challenged on problem-solving skills, situational judgment, and technical knowledge relevant to the position sought. Each test aims to assess the candidate's fit for not just the role, but also for LOT's workplace culture centered on high standards and exemplary service.

LOT Polish Airlines Interview

After the online examination, the next phase is the Interview. Typically, LOT Polish Airlines conducts rigorous interviews to deeply understand the applicants' competencies and cultural fit. The interviews are both behavioral and technical, depending on the role.

Candidates should anticipate questions related to their previous experiences, hypothetical scenarios relevant to the job, and discussions regarding LOT's company values. It's essential to demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for the aviation industry and articulate personal and professional aspirations consonant with LOT's objectives.

LOT Polish Airlines Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre is a comprehensive examination day facilitated by LOT Polish Airlines to closely observe candidates in diverse real-world scenarios. This stage may include group exercises, in-depth individual tasks, presentations, and additional interviews.

Participants are evaluated on their leadership skills, teamwork, adaptability, and overall performance under pressure. Appreciating LOT's ethos and exhibiting a proactive and professional approach throughout the assessment day are pivotal in advancing within the hiring process.

Sample LOT Polish Airlines Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /6

What was the percentage change in category 3 hurricanes from 2021 to 2022?

  • 28.57% decrease
  • 22.22% decrease
  • 77.78% increase
  • 125% increase

What is the difference between the number of flights carrying ≥ 4 tonnes of cargo in February compared to May?

Tonnes per HourFebruaryMarchAprilMay
0 - 1.99104127172143
2.00 - 3.99102127186195
4.00 - 5.99149158178209
6.00 - 7.9993106109120
8.00 - 9.9949528795
  • 50
  • 84
  • 108
  • 133

What is the ratio of aircraft with cargoes of ≥ 8 tonnes in April compared to May?

Tonnes per HourFebruaryMarchAprilMay
0 - 1.99104127172143
2.00 - 3.99102127186195
4.00 - 5.99149158178209
6.00 - 7.9993106109120
8.00 - 9.9949528795
  • 1:1.92
  • 1:0.92
  • 1:1.09
  • 1.09:1

What proportion of planes in March contained cargoes of 3.99 or less?

Tonnes per HourFebruaryMarchAprilMay
0 - 1.99104127172143
2.00 - 3.99102127186195
4.00 - 5.99149158178209
6.00 - 7.9993106109120
8.00 - 9.9949528795
  • 36.1%
  • 44.6%
  • 55.4%
  • 62.8%

What was the percentage change in the number of flights with cargoes of ≥ 6 tonnes between February and March?

Tonnes per HourFebruaryMarchAprilMay
0 - 1.99104127172143
2.00 - 3.99102127186195
4.00 - 5.99149158178209
6.00 - 7.9993106109120
8.00 - 9.9949528795
  • 11.27%
  • 16.05%
  • 24.05%
  • 30.10%

What was the ratio of category 1 to category 2 hurricanes in 2020?

  • 1:0.15
  • 1:0.46
  • 1:0.52
  • 1:0.63

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LOT Polish Airlines Assessments Tips

Understand the Basics

Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of the aviation sector and the specific demands of the role you're applying for.

Know LOT Culture

Research and understand LOT Polish Airlines' commitment to safety and customer service, valuable in answering situational judgment tests.

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LOT Polish Airlines Assessments FAQs

What are the LOT Polish Airlines tests?

LOT Polish Airlines uses a blend of situational judgment tests, skill-based evaluations, psychological assessments, and language proficiency exams to vet candidates for various roles.

Are the LOT Polish Airlines tests hard?

The tests at LOT Polish Airlines are designed to be challenging to select the most capable candidates who showcase problem-solving, adaptability, and proficiency in required skills.

How do I prepare for LOT Polish Airlines tests?

To prepare for the LOT Polish Airlines tests, the best strategy is to practice. Careerroo offers a variety of practice tests tailored to the types they use, available at no cost.

How long does the recruitment process take at LOT Polish Airlines?

The length of the recruitment process at LOT Polish Airlines can vary, depending on the role and the depth of evaluations required to assess candidates' competencies adequately.

What are LOT Polish Airlines's core values?

LOT Polish Airlines prides itself on safety, punctuality, and an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, defining its core values for all employees to embody.