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About EVA Air

Evergreen Airways (EVA Air) is a Taiwanese airways company operating passenger and cargo services. The airline is headquartered in Taiwan and covers destinations across Europe, Australia, North America, and Asia.

The company was founded in 1989, launching its first flight in 1991. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the two largest airlines in Taiwan, becoming part of the Star Alliance network of airlines and being awarded various awards for its safety, training, and approach to innovation.

The airline places quality at the forefront of its values, working to increase standards across its fleet and exceed customers' expectations before they board the aircraft and when they are in flight.

Roles at EVA Air

As an airline serving over 60 destinations, EVA Air's roles are varied. Opportunities are available in head offices as well as local branch offices.

Key roles that the airline recruits for include:

  • Pilots: EVA Airlines recruits individuals with 2,000 hours of flying experience, training these individuals to fly one of its designated aircraft.

  • Ground-based positions: these roles ensure the smooth daily running of the airline. Opportunities in this area include sales agents, call center booking agents, administration assistants, and passenger service agents.

  • Cabin Crew: cabin crew ensures that the ethos of EVA Airlines in delivering exceptional customer service is upheld when on board an EVA Airlines flight. They also play a pivotal role in keeping passengers safe and comfortable in light.

EVA Airlines Culture, Values And Benefits

EVA Airlines places a focus on its values of providing world-class service to all its passengers. The airline is committed to ensuring the highest level of quality and safety while also being mindful of its environmental impact.

The airline's practices ensure reducing carbon emissions and conserving waste and resources to promote a greener, more sustainable environment.

The working culture is team-driven, emphasizing collaboration and teamwork.

Giving back to the local communities is an essential value for the airline, ensuring that they promote education around safety.

EVA Airlines Application Process

Online Application

All applications for positions at EVA Airlines are taken online. For cabin crew and pilot vacancies, candidates must register their details on the online application system, then download the relevant application form, complete, upload, and submit it through the online system.

For ground-based positions at the head or local offices, candidates must submit a copy of their resume by email.

EVA Airlines Aptitude Tests

As part of the recruitment process for EVA airlines, applicants are required to sit a set of aptitude tests that evaluate individuals on the key abilities needed for the role.

The type of test depends on the role you applied for.

Numeracy test

In the EVA Air numeracy test, candidates are evaluated on their ability to use numerical data to solve problems or make rational assumptions. The test is a time, multiple-choice assessment.

Candidates are presented with questions given in the form of graphs or charts. They must use their understanding and working knowledge of basic mathematical principles such as ratios, fractions, and percentages to determine which of the multiple-choice answers given correctly solves the problem.

To prepare for the tests, refresh your memory on basic math concepts. Practice puzzles that use numerical information such as fractions and ratios.

English test

The English test is often part of the recruitment process for customer ground-based positions as well as cabin crew roles.

In this assessment, candidates are required to sit a recognized English language-based assessment.

These tests evaluate individuals on their written and spoken understanding of the English language.

Questions also assess candidates' use of appropriate phrases and pronunciation when used in conversation; for example, candidates may be asked to read a set of instructions in English. They are then evaluated on their correct use of pronunciation.

Written test

The written assessment is most commonly used when recruiting pilots. This assessment evaluates candidates on their general aviation knowledge, such as aviation law, understanding of aviation equipment instruments, and navigation. These tests are multiple-choice, timed assessments.

To prepare for the written test, it is essential to look over aviation principles. Ensure you are familiar with EVA Air's aircraft types and the aviation equipment and instruments used in these airlines. Ensure you know the difference between aircraft types and navigation systems.

Interview (s)

Candidates successful at aptitude testing are invited to attend a final interview.

The number and format of the interview differ on the role applied for.

Ground-based opportunities such as those in HR, customer service, or sales require candidates to participate in multiple interviews. These interviews are held as both one-to-one and panel-based with hiring team members.

Candidates applying for cabin crew or pilot positions can have a group or one-to-one interview.

The interviews at EVA Airlines cover both situational and behavioral questions. Candidates must provide examples from their experience to demonstrate their teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Questions may also be asked about an individual's strengths and areas for development or how they have dealt with a challenging situation.

Candidates are also evaluated on their commitment to a career in both aviation and working with the airline. As EVA Airlines is committed to delivering high-quality service, interviewers will want to know why an individual has applied for the position, what they know about the airline, and why EVA Air is the right choice for them.

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EVA Air Assessments FAQs

What kind of assessments does EVA Air conduct for job applicants?

EVA Air conducts various assessments for job applicants, including aptitude tests and interviews. The specific assessments used will depend on the role being applied for. Before sitting any assessments, ensure you know the type of assessments you will be asked to sit and any deadlines for completing them.

How can I prepare for EVA Air's interviews?

Researching the airline and the role you're applying for is essential. Familiarize yourself with the airline's values, mission, and safety standards, and learn about the aircraft and routes you may be flying. Be able to discuss what it is about EVA Air that has led you to apply to the company. Consider how your skills and experience relate to the position and how you can use these to deliver the level of service EVA Air expects of its employees.

How can I prepare for EVA Air's aptitude tests?

Before sitting any assessment, it is essential to practice the tests. Practice helps you become familiar with the format and style of tests. When practicing, ensure you simulate test conditions; this means taking the test under timed conditions in a room that is quiet and free from distractions.

What qualities does EVA Air look for in candidates?

EVA Air seeks candidates with a passion for aviation, a commitment to safety, and excellent communication and teamwork skills. The airline also wants candidates willing to learn and develop their skills and committed to delivering the highest service standards to customers.

For pilots, EVA Air also looks for strong decision-making abilities, good judgment, and the ability to remain calm under pressure.

For cabin crew members, EVA Air looks for candidates with excellent customer service skills, a positive attitude, and the ability to adapt to changing situations.