China Eastern Airlines Assessments

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Careers at China Eastern Airlines

Ready to reach for the skies with China Eastern Airlines? Imagine being part to a booming airline that's a household name in China and beyond. China Eastern operates an enviable fleet, offering you a range of career destinations - whether you're into piloting, engineering, cabin crew, or ground services. China Eastern's commitment to safety and customer satisfaction makes it a revered name in the aviation industry. It's not just about taking off and landing; it's about setting benchmarks for operational efficiency and innovation. The door is open for those who have a passion for aviation and the drive to excel in a dynamic environment.

As a government-owned gem, headquartered in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, this airline is a career hub for aspiring professionals. China Eastern Airlines consistently maintains a strong recruiting drive to find top-notch talent committed to sustainability and service. Riding on the wings of growth, this company continuously looks for dedicated professionals to fill its dynamic and challenging roles.

China Eastern Airlines Application Process

The selection process has 4 major stages:

1. Online Application

2. Online Assessments

3. Interview

4. Assessment Centre

China Eastern Airlines Online Application

Embarking on your journey with China Eastern Airlines starts with the Online Application. It's here where you'll provide an initial glimpse into your skills, qualifications, and why you're an excellent fit for the airline. This step is crucial, as it is your first impression. You'll be asked to fill out your personal details, upload your resume, and often, answer questions relevant to the job role.

Remember to tailor your resume to match the job description, showcase relevant experiences and achievements, and make sure all information is accurate and up to date. Candidates applying to China Eastern should understand their commitment to innovation and safety and reflect these values in their application.

China Eastern Airlines Online Assessments

As a crucial filter within the hiring process, Online Assessments are designed to evaluate your aptitude, personality, and job-specific skills. China Eastern Airlines uses these assessments to predict your ability to perform in their fast-paced and innovative environment. You may face a mix of numerical reasoning, situational judgment, and verbal reasoning questions that will challenge you to demonstrate your analytical and decision-making abilities.

These tests are timed and require focus and preparation. Familiarity with the test format and question styles is key, so take advantage of the free practice resources available on Careerroo to prepare as effectively as possible.

China Eastern Airlines Interview

Impressing during your Interview is your chance to bring your experience and skills to life. At this stage, China Eastern Airlines is looking for candidates who not only fulfill the job specifications but also fit with their company ethos of safety, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence. You should expect a combination of behavioral and situational questions designed to assess how you handle real-world scenarios.

Prepare anecdotes that highlight your problem-solving skills, ability to work in a team, and your dedication to continuous improvement. Know the company's core values and be ready to discuss how they resonate with your professional track record.

China Eastern Airlines Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre stage offers a hands-on evaluation of your skills. China Eastern Airlines invites candidates to participate in group exercises, presentations, and role-play situations reflective of real job tasks. This stage is designed to assess how well you interact with others, your leadership qualities, and how you manage tasks under pressure.

Your performance here will give insight into your practical abilities and show how you'll contribute to the China Eastern team. Stand out by showing enthusiasm, teamwork, and a solid understanding of the aviation industry and the company's role in it.

Sample China Eastern Airlines Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /6

What was the percentage change in category 3 hurricanes from 2021 to 2022?

  • 28.57% decrease
  • 22.22% decrease
  • 77.78% increase
  • 125% increase

What is the difference between the number of flights carrying ≥ 4 tonnes of cargo in February compared to May?

Tonnes per HourFebruaryMarchAprilMay
0 - 1.99104127172143
2.00 - 3.99102127186195
4.00 - 5.99149158178209
6.00 - 7.9993106109120
8.00 - 9.9949528795
  • 50
  • 84
  • 108
  • 133

What is the ratio of aircraft with cargoes of ≥ 8 tonnes in April compared to May?

Tonnes per HourFebruaryMarchAprilMay
0 - 1.99104127172143
2.00 - 3.99102127186195
4.00 - 5.99149158178209
6.00 - 7.9993106109120
8.00 - 9.9949528795
  • 1:1.92
  • 1:0.92
  • 1:1.09
  • 1.09:1

What proportion of planes in March contained cargoes of 3.99 or less?

Tonnes per HourFebruaryMarchAprilMay
0 - 1.99104127172143
2.00 - 3.99102127186195
4.00 - 5.99149158178209
6.00 - 7.9993106109120
8.00 - 9.9949528795
  • 36.1%
  • 44.6%
  • 55.4%
  • 62.8%

What was the percentage change in the number of flights with cargoes of ≥ 6 tonnes between February and March?

Tonnes per HourFebruaryMarchAprilMay
0 - 1.99104127172143
2.00 - 3.99102127186195
4.00 - 5.99149158178209
6.00 - 7.9993106109120
8.00 - 9.9949528795
  • 11.27%
  • 16.05%
  • 24.05%
  • 30.10%

What was the ratio of category 1 to category 2 hurricanes in 2020?

  • 1:0.15
  • 1:0.46
  • 1:0.52
  • 1:0.63

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China Eastern Airlines Assessments FAQs

What are the China Eastern Airlines tests?

China Eastern Airlines tests are a mix of aptitude and skill-based assessments meant to evaluate candidates' suitability for various roles within the airline.

Are the China Eastern Airlines tests hard?

The difficulty of China Eastern Airlines tests matches the nature of the aviation sector. They are challenging but conquerable with good preparation.

How do I prepare for China Eastern Airlines tests?

Preparation is key, and the best way to get ready for China Eastern Airlines tests is by practicing. Careerroo offers numerous practice tests tailored for this purpose.

How long does the recruitment process take at China Eastern Airlines?

The recruitment process at China Eastern Airlines varies by role, but typically spans a few weeks to ensure a thorough evaluation of all candidates.

What are China Eastern Airlines's core values?

China Eastern Airlines's core values revolve around safety, customer satisfaction, efficiency, innovation, and sustainability.